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ENG 123 - Class Notes - Week 5

Created by: Jada Reid Elite Notetaker

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ENG 123 - Class Notes - Week 5

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background image English Composition Week 5 Notes   “Just Food” Chapters 6-10  ● Chapter 6  ○ Pg. 92 “One way…families”  ■ 70% of population directly tied to food. Protecting those traditional roles  ■ Food sovereignty is about power  ○ Pg. 97 “In particular…reforms succeed”  ■ Both sides need to succeed   ■ Distribution is the problem but the social problem needs to be solved first  ■ Women need to have power in their lifestyle but there are difficulties.   ■ Possibly a dramatic reimagining of gender socialization  ■ 1 male, 1 female per region is the only way that justice starts  ● Chapter 7  ○ How much, according to this chapter, is the U.S. a self-interested country?  ■ NAFTA has the right to protect their own country  ○ Pg. 112 Policy recommendation: What’s more feasible? Construction of life  saving towers along U.S.- Mexican border, or the elimination of agricultural  subsidies in the U.S.  ■ The towers- cost the same as a border wall  ■ Agriculture subsidies- take the U.S. out of Mexico  ■ Problem started back in 20th century.  
background image ■ How far are the migrants willing to go if they bypass the towers for a  better life?  ■ Subsidies undermines agricultural benefits in developing markets  ● The U.S pays Mexico so little for their labor   ■ Are you willing to break a system that’s already broken?  ● Chapter 8  ○ 3 steps- food security, access, use  ● Chapter 9  ○ Male choice vs female choice. Do we even have a choice?  ○ Identity is bound to culture, social circle   ○ Power needs to be shifted  ○ Peers are judges. Generational issues  ○ Not only what you eat but how much you eat  ○ Food challenges only work in a culture where food is not only plentiful but  disposable. Men are mainly the ones who participating in them.   ○ Masculinity is inherently feminine because it’s submissive because they follow  what they are told  ● Chapter 10  ○ You make choices that are self-policing which perpetuates social norms  ■ The prison you create is one you allow   ○ Social norms- females aren’t supposed to eat. You’re constantly able to be seen,  so you always act socially accepting 

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School: Savannah College of Art and Design
Department: OTHER
Course: Composition
Professor: Nicole Augusté
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: english
Description: These are notes discussing chapters 6-10 of "Just Food" by J.M. Dieterle
Uploaded: 02/08/2018
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