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FSU - CLP 4143 - Psychotic Disorders - Class Notes

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FSU - CLP 4143 - Psychotic Disorders - Class Notes

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background image Abnormal Psych Psychotic Disorders Psychosis: inability to distinguish between what is real and not real  Psychotic Disorder: Psychosis causes marked distress and impairment Psychotic Symptoms o Positive Symptoms: Symptoms involving distorted reality Characterized by the presence of unusual perceptions, 
thought, and/or behaviors
Positive: Symptoms are salient, added experiences (Not 
that they’re good)
Can include:  o Delusions: Strongly held, fixed beliefs with no  basis in reality.  Persecutory: Being persecuted, 
watched, conspired against
Reference: Random events are directed 
at oneself
Grandiose: Great power, knowledge, 
talent, or special relationship with a 
famous person. 
Guilt/Sin: Committed a terrible act or 
responsible for a terrible event
Somatic: Appearance or part of body is 
diseased, altered. 
Controlled: Thoughts, feelings, behaviors 
are being imposed on/controlled by 
outside forces. 
Delusions vs. Self-Deception Delusions differ from other 
thoughts in at least 3 ways: 
o Bizarreness
o Preoccupation
o Resistance
Usually multiple delusions are woven 
together in a 
complex belief system Specific content of delusions  differs  across cultures and cohorts Cultural relativism is important.  o Hallucinations: Sensory perceptions in the  absence of external stimuli  Hallucinations are: 
background image Bizarre Distressing Impairing Types of Hallucinations Auditory: Hearing things that aren’t
Visual: Seeing things that aren’t 
Tactile: Feeling things on the body 
that aren’t there. 
Somatic: Feeling things inside the 
body that aren’t there. 
o Negative Symptoms: Deficits in normal behavior Characterized by the absence or insufficiency of normal 
Includes: Avolition: Inability to initiate and persist in activities Alogia: Relative absence of speech Anhedonia: Indifference to normally pleasurable 
Asociality: Lack of interest in social interactions Affective flattening: Reduction or absence of 
emotional expression
Negative symptoms are: Less obvious Associated with more impairment Less responsive to medications o Disorganized Symptoms: Rambling speech, erratic behavior,  inappropriate affect.  Loosening of associations or derailment between topics Example: Word salad, Neologisms. Disorganized Behavior: Unpredictable and seemingly 
Shouting, sweating, pacing, laughing or crying at 
improper times
Echolalia: meaningless repetition of another’s spoken
words (parroting)
Echopraxia: repetitive movement Can explain disheveled appearance.  Catatonic Behavior Catatonia: reflect extreme lack of responsiveness o No psychomotor activity

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School: Florida State University
Department: OTHER
Course: Abnormal Psychology
Professor: Natalie Sachs-Ericsson
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: Psychology
Name: Psychotic Disorders
Description: These notes cover the different psychotic disorders.
Uploaded: 02/09/2018
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