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Mizzou - ANAT 2201 - Class Notes - Week 4

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> > > > Mizzou - ANAT 2201 - Class Notes - Week 4

Mizzou - ANAT 2201 - Class Notes - Week 4

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School: University of Missouri - Columbia
Department: Anatomy
Course: Human Anatomy
Professor: Cheryl Hill
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: elementayanatomy, anatomy, humanbody, Elementary, bones, Human, and body
Name: elementary anatomy
Description: these notes should be on our first exam :)
Uploaded: 02/10/2018
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Unformatted text preview: 666666210 Pelvis ligaments Anterior sacriliac ligament i Soarespinows lig SuorotoberNVS lig Okturator mentorane Chas to holes blo veins have to pass thnqh + Arter us) nerves ischio femoral ng Fiome-femovod day AKA "V" Ing Poloofemor aniverse acota balm IQ (acts kese liige Sling for naai sockt) ligot huocl of temur Aktory of lig of luadCI \st vertevovao u holds up mno Skull AKA Atlas , doesnt C2 has an denje" Which fits uno Cl, how we get movement LINDQ neck SPINDUS process Me bumpa" of the spine you can see when Someone loind S ovee a due pitmi v Us 02 nerve modt comes from Srinar cord ond comes ovt of te spaa votwn each Dair of vertebral to & * Theres UdiJKS in both Vert. to absorb Shock AT70110) VAY MJINDIO DESOL amounids -oidas TIMUN DESA) i doros u Ssaud plodo sold woonoy ('qienoidhunerol joint") fits Inde glenoid fossa" - Whave numerus Poving downs Media lateral hoorder." * inferior angue Point @ bottya "Spare of scap &te on the back OPDATOPINUS AT DINDIS samo mi po 4 Bu + kwa 94you oph 510) xol 20US UV Z PLOYS

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