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Texas State - NURS 3360 - Class Notes - Week 4

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> > > > Texas State - NURS 3360 - Class Notes - Week 4

Texas State - NURS 3360 - Class Notes - Week 4

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School: Texas State University
Department: Nursing and Health Science
Course: Psych Mental Hlth
Professor: Janene Jeffery
Term: Spring 2018
Tags: psych
Name: Class notes for Psych
Description: These notes are over millieu management and violence/suicide
Uploaded: 02/10/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Dr Purst Milieu. Mlange mouse -F-16 ML Milieu - The environment Chat 15 satu rding you people space atfests hous you see you all excess motions Nursing - usands to create sale place For Atients Ask- tout environment will promote health i' safety ? Exikobes, lighting Chat oral light be tess), noise Need to be proactive milieuDesemethires before negative impact orci. Clearly Compunitate Kpectati All about safety NERES IRMA Theca py - provided by gra dinte se higher level+ cinical his Need trust, history of Milieu management Mitev therapy sorted in 19405 Trying to get people to learn nicht be no vior in society Helping Aatients to work with others, Patient has to be active pactirate change. The goals for bestupy veeel to be set by patient and narsa wat totek with people s krou their our tas and suggest better reactions Requirements for Milies structuunt , La Most be open, gue pori pe environmentPeople heveske feel like ,sho they are is uk with be gial of changing what is Wor, making them met L I VET You can learn to pick up on social Cues, e ontrol your reactions Milieu therapy about teachis people te-adapl apok over come their individual deficits Con sis tancy is vital for helping people maintain behavior hey can Basic assun phos os todo * Growth is encouraged all the time Cl et ours his/her en Vico;ment, Belgiqmals boundaries C'est has te sin the clobe havior Peer pressure cer be googl. foolid change behaviors to fit in with a thers goal ke haviors Las per orate behaviors do not get dianaleen for ever 1 people dont knos they need to change, they wantcharse. BUT people are afraid of being punished, they will of share of participate Coirect negative behaviors, not puash them Safety, Structure, Normes Lumit sedung Barat ca mert ModificationContinuum od Cace care do esat s top ad discharge Assess kue of care neeeled resocrces to provide Care, Assessment JUURUSA - Iss Risk - suicidal or honadal 3 Do they have plan feated Severity cantity Level of functioning - basic human reeds Media Treatment required. I patient us Cut per rent Intensity | Medisciplinary team - May have professionals, legalu Juardians fami ly members, nemehealth care Hospital Based Care Typically shard story fact attesAge Mange varies A patients are sat eky Sjungftener E, Soloi Provides salt detox place after medical side effects of dres are gone Residential Services Long term ing antas sul Similar individuals. Shelters Male way heroes, ka Out patient services Claes Here post offices. Therapy by these ost medications Herren primary care phys.cian, can have poly pharmacy because doctors dont aliays talk to cah other Do Iced ment progres Neel teatment for plan rel a week. Come eneryday. Keen toreho treat ment for several weeks of 2 Et

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