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UIC - CHE 311 - Class Notes - Week 3

Created by: Bianca Bragg Elite Notetaker

UIC - CHE 311 - Class Notes - Week 3

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School: University of Illinois at Chicago
Department: Chemical Engineering
Course: Transport Phenomena I
Professor: Ying Liu
Term: Spring 2018
Tags: transport, Chemical Engineering, Physics, newton's laws, Fick's Law of Diffusion, Fick Law, Fourier's Law, Diffusivity, momentum, and flux
Name: ChE 311 - Week 2 and 3
Description: Ch1 - Newton's Law of Viscosity Ch9 - Fick's Law of Binary Diffusivity Ch17 - Fourier's Law of Heat Conduction
Uploaded: 02/12/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Ch. Visuhty Mechanics of Mo mundu m Tranfpost Newton's daw of Viswaty Valy-o) = O JA velocity gradient s ex cut Velaity atribution distance Y in skady flow Velocity Vx (Y-Y -V A constand force Firregured to maintain Hue motion of tlu ewe plats at a contant velouty V. J The area of each platt A in eartb w dlund Distance betiveen plates : Y Shuar F IV luar lhes AMY fati (miu) con las = cel fluid property - M-uiscority (IPa 4 ] = [ho opel T Pa -1 -1 10 PoirT han Yyx = - u dux Pa x (4) Lhyest Shytit y = Uz =D foru in Hu X direction Sperpendicular to tu y dinction flux of X-Mementum in hu pohhue y dineerien Plus = flow per unit areaVisco-nity) -> reattamu to metron cm 1 Kimematic Uiscoh'ty - - V-AID = M. Gas) at pt out with Temp + hugud at PD > ut with Temp 4 Ex. Pobl: Lower plate velowity V = sec in ju pokfive x-direchen. Platt feparano Y : 0.00 ft Puud vi's co hity is u e 0.cp. Compute steady - stati momentum flux lyx V = Sec sec u dix ? Y = 0.001 ft U-04 Cp | > Tpis - (ev) Tyri - 0:4cf . 0 061.0 17 ) * 2 0. 4 PARE 0.0 709 | BG-SA- = 0.044 6 /27URZ Newtowan Shear - Phumimg : Newho meam Plu'd visuokity does NOT du pend oh lluevelou ty dhus of Hlu fluid. -Lemah kuke Lalu Radius tube ower preljure Pa D2 burt op: fi- pa, Q: How much volume of Plud pa stes by a certain point pertirme 7 | V . Ap - . R Poiseuille's Law IguL Volume that flows through a pipe . per time Newton's daw "'yx- dy Visu nity tue twanng force per unit area is properh'enal t Hlu megat' v ot the velou'ly gradient

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