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Seattle Central Community College - Psyc 100 - Class Notes - Week 7

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Seattle Central Community College - Psyc 100 - Class Notes - Week 7

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background image Chapter 8 Review  1. What did Alfred Binet contribute?  a. Alfred Binet created a test to see what class to place children in based on  their current knowledge. This later became a base model in the US for the  IQ test called Stanford Binet Intelligence Scale to measure intelligence.   2. Why did the IQ become considered immoral?  a. This test became a basis for discriminating against minorities to “prove”  that they were intellectually inferior, justifying the racism. Different groups  produced difference scores because it tested experiences and used  certain language that would make it easier for some to pass. People finally  admitted it was wrong after the Nazi’s utilized it.   3. What is the most widely intelligence test?  a. The WAIS is the most widely used test today and tests for for performance  and verbal intelligence separately.   4. What are the three components of a scientifically useful measurement?  a. Standardization, reliability, and validity are the three requirement for a  scientifically useful measurement.   5. Describe standardization:  a. Standardization is being able to compare an individual's performance  within a target group. The questions and instructions should all be the  same throughout to maintain standardization.  
background image   6. Describe reliability:  a. Reliability is keeping consistency within an individual's scores and a  groups’ scores.   7. Describe validity ​:  a. Validity is proving that your test is measuring what it’s supposed to be  measuring.  8. Provide an example of cultural bias in an intelligence test.  a. Changing language or including certain experiences (like assuming  someone knows how to play baseball) can be seen as cultural bias.  9. Why might some groups of people do worse on tests compared to others?  a. Some groups might do worse because of cultural and gender bias.  Stereotype threats can cause people to do worse  and be less motivated.  It can affect people’s expectations which can thereby affect their ability  and motivation to do well on the test or task at hand.   10. Look over the survey: Attitudes Towards Women Scale (Spence, Helmrich  & Stapp, 1978). Observe the language and types of question being asked,  then explain it’s standardization, reliability, and validity.  a. Everyone also gets the same questions and instructions.  However, we  can’t really say it’s standardized because we don’t know why a higher  score is supposed to represent.  

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School: Seattle Central Community College
Department: OTHER
Course: Introduction to Psychology
Professor: Anne Richards
Term: Spring 2018
Tags: Psychology
Name: Psych 100 Week 7
Description: Covers Chapter 8 quiz material
Uploaded: 02/14/2018
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