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KSU - JMC 20001 - Week 4 Notes for MPC - Class Notes

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> > > > KSU - JMC 20001 - Week 4 Notes for MPC - Class Notes

KSU - JMC 20001 - Week 4 Notes for MPC - Class Notes

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School: Kent State University
Department: Journalism and Mass Communications
Course: Media, Power, and Culture
Professor: Eugene Shelton
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: radio
Name: Week 4 Notes for MPC
Description: These notes are helpful for the quiz
Uploaded: 02/16/2018
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Unformatted text preview: hodinge Commercial ropio Stuong make most of their incomes from advertising : Size & make up (demographics) of the audiances 7 amount of $ diuion is paid for every ad : ratings matters News Choices Internet has allowed us as a society to take our"radio"' anywhere despite ow geogrophy o he can listen to anything anywhere * When hodio wa Ling - laualie Imo Marconi s discovered Possibility to send messages through the ad Cwithows wires (mors code dots. a doshes) Sent messade from England to Canadou - First used to communicave with ships ar sla Titanie : man working radio on sinking ship sent message to anyone in NYork David Sascoff : got mesedoyo e recoorded names of wuivers, became manager of BCA : hadlig loop. of Ameste wanted to use (add as a form of entertainment . Worked for Marconti Company star tee NBCN77111777 teleasadh :first communicatton mnedlam thes Weal electricmn - Well yuorse code (language the used vibrations to convey keter) - First" inani forur of communication Boudio: qave us the abiiy to Spese news instuntuntows ly. - programing was built around music d eccocels (DS: Disk Jockey) LAH AM radio reinvented itself to mainly talk shows GEM to mainly music broadcast og Early Years o no le KDKA took the cur i 1920 ron * caused Americans to actopt cadio as main form of mass enteotojament development bfnetwork radio in 1930's - 40's ^ news, music , domas , Comedy, game zhouss, public affairs Franklin D. Roose uct President) WWI used cadio broadcast: fireside Chats - reassured public of the war efforts impactant iofo n otsinguna dao - Hindobuca Crash (1930) NJU teckx.ct Morrison : Chicago reporter, was perficie bo the comeing of Gjermar passengecarship satched unexpected crush, burn of ship . leucorded news as it was happening (instant) prouided listeners with word pictures: descript se imagry to help listeners form images of art in their headsInasiprus Y A T JO 10lld X Radio Personalities Host Hy to encourage a (certain) (egdion from auisance -Host Hys to engage audiance Do Folk with pers about topi TS 00 Show Its important to hawe a host who can relode with audiance on personal Thoughts Chooss are care fully constructed 70 swit a specific Aiche lo certain listeners dnos pris

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