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CHEM 105 - Chem 105 Study Guide - Study Guide

Created by: Meagan Donohue Elite Notetaker

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CHEM 105 - Chem 105 Study Guide - Study Guide

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School: Winthrop University
Department: Chemistry
Course: General Chemistry I
Professor: Grossoehme
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: naming compounds, Lewis Structure, resonance structures, bond polarity and atom formal charges, Organic Chemistry, Electron Geometry, molecular geometry, VSEPR, polarity, atom hybridization, and gen chem general chemistry for engineers degrazia janet thermochemistry valence bond theory molecular covalent bonds bonding
Name: Chem 105 Study Guide
Description: These notes cover chapters 4-6: Lewis structures, naming compounds, formal charge, electronegativity, organic compounds, vsepr theory, polarity, hybridization
Uploaded: 02/16/2018
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