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Purdue - IE 33000 - Study Guide - Midterm

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Purdue - IE 33000 - Study Guide - Midterm

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School: Purdue University
Department: Industrial Engineering
Course: Probability and Statistics in Engineering II
Professor: Tba
Term: Fall 2015
Name: Exam 1 Study Guide
Description: Details, Equations, Key concepts to know for exam - based on past exams and lecture notes and quizes!
Uploaded: 02/18/2018
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Unformatted text preview: <Exam 1 Study Guide Saturday, February 17, 2018 4:22 PM Exam Details In- class Wednesday (2 fz1/18) 2 8:30am - 9:20am . Review Session Tuesday (rie 6-7:30pm in WTHR 14 No calcalators, book, or notes Probubility tables will be afached to test Question breakdown - around 7 multiple chole / True - False questions Comune 2 long free response questions ( parts a dee xam Equations will be given 2. SF 2 2, VANESE 2 Sorjos T. SKITEA T A T.. STAR X; . VIR SY GEOX het CIT : Z., Zar. S: x 4 : tu, F-, + tai, y s8A -35 ta X': (n-Istra' In-I)s/r...! Won't be given on exam but you should know them) papalaran seine + gr. (x-* sample_ Vorionte = 5* : (-,* Standorld devlerion = 5 = VS Sample mean = X = $xmnNotation X S S o of Sample mean population Sampk srd. deu : Sample variance populatim std. dev. population veriance N(Mo) - nocmal dis+. d. Significona level ns number of observations x : chi syured rest of valonce Z = test. Statistic for Z -test t test Statistie fer t-test d or e Key Concepts Confidence Intervals . "We are _% confidens that the true mean lies in Some rauge (-,-3)." NOT ACCURATE Accurate definition interval whe, of an infiire et intervals were created by templang n (some # of observations from that population, 100 ('-)1. of those intervals would contain the true population mean, u. * assumptions to calculare CI: - Judependend and identically diskused (d) Souples - Normal AS distriberiar * one-sided two-sided : XZ, 1 of mean x :te Ritli Leons and Jan d mine C) for Stouderd deviation : compet. I for vorlance () geriamual Co, 0) @ toke squre root of final values - loo) * don't mess w/ formula, just ase final auswerPrediction Intervals predicts the value t a single future observations a vorlable - V( ) = n (prediction - V K. - ) = o*(1 + (pekerlan var) Tolerone Zustervals deserbes the range of vrees where all vakers will lie - kuombwen var Tu-to + Zero! - unknom Moun/var: Li-ks, +ks] Normal Distribution -> N( ) E stoudorel ecer of estimate 68 - 45 - 447 ruke NG - share 997 of the dara lies - where 451. ot ke dara lies ALI - Where 61. f the data, les Binomial Disterbution - all I JO. - require perts - np 75, nlt-p) 25 . Hy pothesis Testing Samples aus beid Pop should be assumed to be normal - Steps for "combined method O Look dota normalish? IDP Define H. and H. select value a compute test statistie (2, 2) find p-value table O make conclusien parejer H. p x - fail to rejat Ho -one-sided hu u . - two-sided Hutt u must use on statistical sablec) * Report results: "A Le-sampe -sided = file test resulted in a corelusion to dejes felso feijer the null hypothesis at x = 5 wish a zku

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