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UB - NTR 108 - Class Notes - Week 2

Created by: Gabrielle Rodriguez-Asher Elite Notetaker

UB - NTR 108 - Class Notes - Week 2

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School: University at Buffalo
Department: Nutrition and Food Sciences
Course: Nutrition
Professor: J Temple
Term: Summer 2015
Name: NTR 108 Week 2
Description: Week 2 class notes
Uploaded: 02/18/2018
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Unformatted text preview: alia 18 Carbohydrates Types of Carbs Monosaccharidos/(one su gars very simple, buse units * Glucose, Fructose, Cralactose - Base unit of storch and cellulose Call scurces cf energy). -Type of sugar in bloodruble sugor, used in human energy Metabolism part of sulfuse and lactose (disacchoides) Fructose Sugar found in fruits Thanty, sweetest sugar high fucose corn syrup Galactose Similar structure to glucose ano1 as abundanta -milk + dairy products w]yurcsc as Tachose - present os monosoc chonde in sman in shine after digeshon - Disaccharides (double su gars) La chose gucSe + galactose, also (gled milk ugar. Fandi'n Malk produck. ya enegy in mi IK.less in suml Chuesi se gluce e galachse, Oi gestible Sucrose : found in fuit , plonts, table sug or glu (cse 1 Fluchose, digeshok, absorbeoos glucose 1 fructose Maltose: glucose 1 glucose, found in small intshme aften absurbed as glucose Starch brea Kouvo, digestible face ly found in foods, (seeds tal cohol) typically up to 10, more then a Oligosaccharides (su gars wiseuerul MuNDSOCChondes linked toge hres) absorved as gue Starch product : Multiple glucose units, sports drinks, digest and Bean sugos (Legumes): indigestible, fermento in large dat SH NG monusochoride unid, poi mari iy guccse. - Polysacchondes (very long chuins, >10) compord of many - Kawn as complex cabs Starch, glycogen die rory hiver C cellulose, pecho Storage form of GIUSEDDDDDDDDDDDD 4. Acesulfame potassium (Sunrette and Sweet One) 0.260 hmes sweter Thon Sucrose b. heat stable 5. Suculose (splenda Am ade frum Sucrose b. heaj stabi C.recognited as safe 6. Stevia Cluvia ci Sun Crystals) a. Heb dond FM a plont b. GKcals C. 300-300 3weeter than sugar d. Generally reignited as safe Aber 1. Mostly polysacchande in natunc a chemical buno Toung Moosacchonde inits (anul be diguki by humon enymes 3. Fiber definitions B. some types of diery hoes can be fermuted by culoni C bacheda a. Dietary Fiber-me non igestible corb port of plants 6. Fonchin alber - ribes added to foods or in supplements 3. Classif cahon a. in soluble fiber Icelulise, hemicellules lignin (non-cab) 2. does nas dissulle in water 3. Forms structural pats. of pionis 4. Health benchts - increases feta) bulk and durased Recal transit time 5. Foo O suus ar grains Cbron) 6. seedsODLUUDULLYLLY Carbohydrote Digeshon 1. Mcum (begins here) Mwing ond gonding wl solida ( salva has salivary amyluse. Braks down amylose to - guose (makes storch swt el ma tuge - Oligosacchances The breaking dun, polen digeston 3. STUMach mixing wlacid, acid oeachuates salivory domylase, Shops 3. Pancreas : eaks amylase, and other enzymes into the snoll i olesti ne 4. Small intshine amylase (entynt frum pantas). begins stocch dig som small intcshine. - Disacchandes ( wall of instine . Sultase - Sucluse digestion enzyne fon 5. Maltase : moltost d.gesin enume Fun Sign i hne 3. La crose : Lactose digeshon Cung childr) Carbohydrate Absorption 5. Large inkstine: Femtoron of undiggsko natinal occus, only in small iMeshne Passiut diffusion (Fructur) achue transport (glucose galactose) Pomory Funcheos of carbohydrates Provide energy Cessentials - brains poorly Glucose I. Pn mor y form used = ATP 2. When metabolized , corby refrase 4 Kcal/g 3. Glucose is metu bolized to produce energy - ATD is formed - ATP is the form of eneryy used by Most praesses - Oxygen smuoto FOI COMICK Merolisan - Glucose available for rent from bigad 1 giycogen Glycegen 1. Pimoniy stored in tuer ad muscles.

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