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GSU - PHYS 2212 - Class Notes - Week 6

Created by: Marcela Montoya Elite Notetaker

> > > > GSU - PHYS 2212 - Class Notes - Week 6

GSU - PHYS 2212 - Class Notes - Week 6

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School: Georgia Southern University
Department: OTHER
Course: Principles of Physics II
Professor: Durach
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: Physics
Name: Week 6 class notes for Physics 2
Description: Week 6 notes
Uploaded: 02/19/2018
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Unformatted text preview: 2. TU (rent through 30 Vesister is ? W AV: -IK - 3n IV - 3V -tv: 0 3v - (3.n]): 0 V: 3NI I: Y JA V: IR 30 +30 - 10 -5 = 0 30-15 1 - 0 30:ISI I: 30v : 2.0A ISA V: JK = lin)(2,0A. Fauv + II5 122 I: ZTIS B. Same polenlial difference AV - E - TR.:D E:1,K, TE - I20 E24 HE Izk3. : 1ksTecre (30) chaper 28. 2/11/18 atry - resistor M bulls - - Junc hen (paulo Switch A. Cweud diagram (potes pictures of tue Orcut clemcals with Symbols Tine longer in ditu endur tu betucu Symbol represents the...poslewe terminaler tu failery Tbolicy's eme is shown besde le battery I. Does tu bolib .ght B. Jo - Not a complele cwcut for a puncton, the law of conservation of correst requires that: In: 8 lat LLI for any path that starts and ends at he same port, Avioop - 2 (4V)izo Tu Sum of all tle potential differentes cncountered while moria y avtund a lor or closed Peth is leo which is known as Kirchhors laor (GwAVAL : SV, dva : Te, L - (22) If We have. N resistors in Semesfuel equivalent hossmus Reg: R. 1821. .. ,polirlenmede--- 12. 2A 183 - Shout Circuit current is : Ishort : E pavallel Resistors - I: ACOL I Senes. Resistors - Re ceta | R. R2 Ru kde 52 joa Lantazi in - 12 BA 4

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