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GSU - PSY 1101 - Week 5 & 6 Notes - Class Notes

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GSU - PSY 1101 - Week 5 & 6 Notes - Class Notes

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background image Development It isn’t equal to maturation.  Normal development requires different experiences. What is Schema?
What is Schema?
Ways of looking at things. Piaget said that kids have schema. As they 
get older, they obtain more schema. We learn when things do not live 
up to our expectations. 
Example 1:
When a small kid first learns to grip something then drag/ walk with it 
and realizes it follows the kid, the kid wants to keep grabbing things 
and taking it with them. However, their schema gets broadened when 
the kid grabs a dog for instance and it doesn’t want to go with the 
child. Then the child learns that not everything they grab can come 
with them.
      2 Ways to change Schema 1.  Accommodation: Data do not fit current schema
2.  Assimilation: New data that fits into old schema
Sexual Development (Gender Roles)  Determining Gender Mom Dad XX XY                                                           XX                                                      Daughter                                                           XY                                                          Son Gender ultimately depends on the Dad The XY chromosomes produces Hy Antigen:
Helps sex organs become male. Without this, a female will be produced
because a female’s energy is greater than a male’s.
Before sex organs are developed, they look the same. The similar 
organs are called Primordial Gonads. If Hy comes into play, the 
Primordial Gonads turns into testes and without you get ovaries.
background image (Default)
Males -Clitoris Penis -Ovaries/womb aka: Estradiol or  -Testes aka: Androgens or  testosterone
-Estrogen which produces further
which further develops  male’s organs
Development of female organs
Puberty       Females Males -Pubic Hair        testosterone   -Pubic Hair  -Axillary Hair -Axillary Hair (armpit hair) (armpit hair) -External Genital Maturation -External Genital Maturation -Large release of Estradiol -Large release of  testosterone 
-Menstrual Periods
-Voice deepens (ovulation) -Muscle development  -Hips widen -Continue to grow -Breasts develop
-Attain their final height
               Males                 Females   18 80 (Years) Sexual Desire

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School: Georgia Southern University
Department: Psychology
Course: Intro to Psychology
Professor: Steirn
Term: Fall 2014
Tags: AndrogenSensitive, AndrogenInsensitive, Turner'sSyndrome, attachment, learning, PavlovianConditioning, and operantconditioning
Name: Week 5 & 6 Notes
Description: These notes will continue to update each week until I post the study guide for the exam 2.
Uploaded: 02/20/2018
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