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UTA - HIST 1312 - The 1920s Economy, Red Scare, World War 1 - in

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Schools > University of Texas at Arlington > History > HIST 1312 > UTA - HIST 1312 - The 1920s Economy, Red Scare, World War 1 - in

UTA - HIST 1312 - The 1920s Economy, Red Scare, World War 1 - in

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background image 1 st  Red Scare: Period of hyper paranoia & fear Bolshevism/Communism Anarchism Foundations: Hyper-Nationalism Russian Revolution 1917 Economic/racial tensions Communism = Scary word in U.S. Imperial Russia – WWI Overthrown from within Bolsheviks + Vladimir Lenin This was a worker’s revolt Industrial workers Soviets – Workers Councils Run local governments American Labor? Linking American Labor Movement to radical movement Socialism Communism Tools of Employers Discredit movement/demands Radical Labor Unions ‘Wobblies’ Violent Riots Anarchist Bombings Seattle General Strike 1919 – Large/Radical Strike 35K Dock workers go on strike Wanting better wages Joined by 100+ unions
background image Then 60K + workers + essential services City is paralyzed. Everything stopped. Radical Rhetoric by leadership American Response Media + Employers Paint strikers as Radicals/Un-American Could possibly start a revolution American Federation of Labor Pushed strike to end Did more harm than good Overman Committee Senate sub-committee Hold over from WWI Studied to see if Bolshevik/Communist activity is taking place. Triggered by labor movement This paints an alarming picture Says that labor movement is a platform for radicals Red Summer 1919 Anarchist Bombings Mails bomb to politicians/business leaders ‘Plain words’ – class warfare telling them they need to be stopped May Day 1919 Holiday celebrating the labor movement It is now marked by violence Socialist groups Police/protesters killed Labor tensions / fears Military de-mobilization African-American in the new jobs New attitude of WWI soldiers Race riots break out Whites v. Blacks Rural & urban areas Nearly 1k deaths

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School: University of Texas at Arlington
Department: History
Course: U.S HIstory Since 1865
Professor: Bradley Folsom
Term: Fall 2015
Tags: The, red, Scare, first, bolshevik, revolution, imperial, Russia, world, War, 1, race, Riots, Labor, unions, 1920s, economy, scopes, Monkey, Trial, TheBanking, crisis, Banking, Credit, buying, on, margin, workers, and revolt
Name: The 1920s Economy, Red Scare, World War 1 - in Detail
Description: This set of notes covers a variety of topics in detail: The first Red Scare/Communism The Bolshevik Revolution Imperial Russia - WW1 American Labor Movements Labor Unions Race Riots The 1920s Economy Scopes Monkey Trial (in depth) The Stock Market The Banking Crisis
Uploaded: 02/22/2018
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