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KSU - HIST 11051 - Modern History Exam 1 Study Guide Part 1 - Study

Created by: Eman Notetaker Elite Notetaker

Schools > Kent State University > History > HIST 11051 > KSU - HIST 11051 - Modern History Exam 1 Study Guide Part 1 - Study

KSU - HIST 11051 - Modern History Exam 1 Study Guide Part 1 - Study

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School: Kent State University
Department: History
Course: World History: Modern
Professor: Denise Jenison
Term: Summer 2015
Tags: Asian, Americas, and 15thCentury
Name: Modern History Exam 1 Study Guide Part 1
Description: This covers topic 1 and 2 of the essay questions
Uploaded: 02/22/2018
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Unformatted text preview: he Americas . women work the house & Beeldst men hurts women allowed martial cights (aivorce) women allowcol Oota landl sud Io What iNays do these empires interact with others ? Hov does ha de come into pia 2 Empires looked cach other on mattersE koowledge nas inventionshind r ade Chinese opium eu magis L. Ktoman weapon (qas d AL 3 Empires had something unique to offerte the world that was seen as a delicacy. or a luxury any where else Chinese silks Ottoman Empire Coffee (Turkish) Americas brought the need for Slave tradle to work in touideline twocking the fields of Europeons Americas brought : Cocoa beans Sot cotton Fabric opic 2 : Tode & Glocal Exchanges (Asian trade (colonization Amecican Exploration, Africa) - Who is the role of commodi ty goods (luxury items) in Lessitating encouraging exploratiog & trace Asion Europians went in seuren of seer Fruele coute to Asia scacching for Gold ( silver to bring back to support is monarch Prince Hency the Navigato) setascos NowoAfrica * seen as below hamas level pus to hard lalo as slowes treated as a lesser than" Whos are some of the exchanges (+ or -) between cultures east twest (ma joccountries) Aslan /Ewopean missionaries begin Forcing Jape nese into Christianity Dutch allow to trade with Japan Americas (European Herman Coctez : qoes into Aztec lana (seen as a good by Natives), wants more , blought disease to Aztecs - they gevolt - Seige of Tenochtitlan - hilb off Aztus , land taken in the name of Spain Africa / Buropean Slavery already existed when Europeans Stact to: Dusiness Brtugees ierttg cotes slowly into Kongo - Starts Kidnapping citizens & selling them inte slawery - ews Emecajny Empres (Russia, Qing China, Persia Thara) How are these new empires interacting with the rest of the world? Whas cole dloes trade e exploration Play? Topic 3 M hussia . seen as back Words by ast of the weeld (Peter the Great enforc s European Customs * begins troee with D Horians wants to connect with homan Catholic Chusendnospras a studySoup dnos prus drospris Qing China Trade Europeans for valuable silved English love Chinese fra Foreignes forced * pay homage to emperor ween treding with chiner Persia Inclia Otomans vs. Shiau Persians (Indians Sikhism (Akbar's tolerance for all feligions) Wecuthiest troele center (spices , fubrics)

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