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GSU - PHYS 2211 - Physics I Week 6 - Class Notes

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> > > > GSU - PHYS 2211 - Physics I Week 6 - Class Notes

GSU - PHYS 2211 - Physics I Week 6 - Class Notes

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School: Georgia Southern University
Department: OTHER
Course: Principles of Physics I
Professor: Serkan Caliskan
Term: Fall 2017
Tags: forces, 5StepProcess, and 3EquationsofMotion
Name: Physics I Week 6
Description: These notes cover forces, 5 step process, and 3 equations of motion
Uploaded: 02/22/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter Centapatol Forte ac - V' Ms=08 V= /dc:r re 20m EXY FN-mgama FN O FN Fn = mg WO -ma * -ENEMA, As mga may al X20XEV V-4257ms *Coordral Suskim flways Towards the Inside of the Curve FX Y FN mg =Mac EN EFNiem * as F approaches Zero The Vejoo ty surcoses FN 2 M (98 Em at leo is the minimum (4 mm Aplochu T UZv0.84ms Shortcut LFIX 0:0 EN OFN FN-2940 ma w 0-2940 n = 2940 AUKIS 390 BU O * Since the ouer lokun 315 Bes in the v-direction 1S E K SA O the FN -W When Ent andw, or vice versa, fin some rehin NEWIX N WAS TFor maximum N O F vebaty in 26 w o \mg mg - Ex = m (CZ) 19:8) 12V= 10.84 m/s momaffro SD wo 539N FNLOFN F 153 N=55ac 1 FIY W -539 in EN En - 539 ENE En + 334= 55 HP) Es+ 539:55 539 5m What is the car = OCos 10 + 2.5m 190cm Vi = TIAS 0 /s T 50 Ve= WEIN a= 9 m/s2 Swaga, ka t= .53 4.04 .bm- V 495 = 1.4m VE Viti Izgt? 1 - (0) Ttlagt V-49ms V42 VizZay VF = 4 m/s EV, FOF2800 a = 0452 X-Vit t2.534 033) Xa

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