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Virginia Commonwealth University - HIST 106 - Class Notes - Week 1

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> > > > Virginia Commonwealth University - HIST 106 - Class Notes - Week 1

Virginia Commonwealth University - HIST 106 - Class Notes - Week 1

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School: Virginia Commonwealth University
Department: Art History
Course: Survey of African History
Term: Spring 2018
Tags: Lecture Notes
Name: Chapter 20- HIST 106
Description: Class notes
Uploaded: 02/22/2018
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Unformatted text preview: ALLLIPOPPO Chapter 20-Christianity & pre-colonial FOCUS - Europeans missionanes & explorers as harbingers of colonial conquist David Civington Scottish Poctor 4 Missionary. - wanitd n spread Christianity in the African (Vitores key points - European chrishan missionanes in precolonial Amica. -'Eany chnbhan missiopanes in Sub-Saharan Ahnical - Tht Evangelical Revival Movemunt - African inristians a prl-colonial "nationalism - European Alxplodes' European christian Missionaries in Pre-colonial - Lar Isth centuh lany clntuny - Roman Ca noc Portuguese Missionaries - Both religious e political motives Potinca mohives led to oppisihon. African/Missionum - Missionaries i converts threats to exishing order opposed aums diametrically EX. Political interftrenue in Benin led to Hirst used (YOSS as opposition, the king (oba) nusid convert, Cut work l in HeirThe zongo - Crear success in kongo - King Affonso - Tran- Alannic Slave Trade - High demands for Slaves - Affonso never treated as a flllow chushan Monar n - required to supply slaves Ethiopia - 1540 Jesuit missionanies anived - ethiopian christians - Pejected Roman Catholicism - Mid- 17th, Mission anes expuled for political Interfirenit Mutapa state - 1560 - Portugense Jesuit - Leader - Fanter noncalo da silvera - converted a ba phzed king & his mother LUcYahve 101d made - poutcal religious resistanu - Rivalry between Portuguese / Musiim made - Fathie de silveira murdered Military expedihon - una colints DOC #12 ysonObjectives of expedition. - spread the gospel among. ka firs - secure gola no Hona Portuojuese government in India Avenay Father de silvera's Mantyrdom Evangelical Christian Bivaval Movement - 10-14 unrin Industria izaton. - The Humanitanan Moviment I spread mu fal mo to the wider 7 heathen" wolld - Atvica a fruitfu i fred for missionan insenpus African (n nshans & PN colohial Nationalism - Missioniratt on. Successful in stena llons Ubina - SHita Klone Riiyohve" Sirves Leheria Flela Ghicans slaves hom USA Afcan christians playyed a significant YOK ds Missionais | Roncal thinkers e pan African advocates in W. Alinica. - Why? - ev opean missionaries faced chailinyes language Custom bumers - O Topical diseases (Malaria Amican missionine, # Nationalists ex. samuel Ajayi Crowther (1008- Ical - dla thui inss Mission in Amour Delta - Boin in Yoruba - Resettled in sierra Leonu - Educated at Fouran Bay college

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