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KSU / Journalism and Mass Communications / JMC 20001 / The community antenna television is also known as what?

The community antenna television is also known as what?

The community antenna television is also known as what?


School: Kent State University
Department: Journalism and Mass Communications
Course: Media, Power, and Culture
Professor: Eugene shelton
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: television
Cost: 25
Name: Week 5 Quiz Notes
Description: These notes cover most of the info that will be on our quiz Friday
Uploaded: 02/23/2018
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• 1970's & Community Antenna Television is (CATV) AKA Cable Television Te

The community antenna television is also known as what?

^ intended to give watchers better reception

A HBO (Home Box Office) : Comercials o free movie streaming via cable (Cable Revolution) biar a cable gave people freedom to choose

What they watch the


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What gave people the freedom to chose what they watch?

* Author's Notes rool v to 2010gund

Digital delivery of TV = more channels & services slo w of now a two error - Shrinking TV andence : youtube, Netflg We also discuss several other topics like What are the two ways to move charges?

Huu: taking viewers from TV screen on

• Time Warner , Disney & 21st Century struggling

What is the meaning of cord slimmers?



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• Timerine e bstined or no son 1926 - John Baird develops Televisor: radio

device , projects Stamp-sized image to

1939 - RCA electronic TV at New York World's Fair & FCC authorized sales of TVs (2urs later). If you want to learn more check out Who is george homans?
We also discuss several other topics like What is the control center in homeostasis?

• 1947 - OH hats 1st TV station to go on air

Channel 5 in Cleveland of stone We also discuss several other topics like How much junk is floating in space?

• 1950'S TV Golden Age TVs go natiana

• 1960 - Nixon Kennedy presidential debate mache debates a national spectator sport If you want to learn more check out What are the factors that influence motivation?


Cord Cutters (Netflix, Hong Amazon Prime) of We also discuss several other topics like What is meant by homogeneous equation?

• taking away from Cable to a close

Cord Slimmers (Play Station vue & Sling TV)

small selection of cable channers so


- Cord Nevers (Millenias)

o don't ever pay for live TV




- Networks turn to streaming broaceasts on low phones through social media -


anos PNS

Study put

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Origins of TV in OH S POO . News paper article encourages Onioians to want a TV Schattion in oh o v er o J. Howard Head Jan. 1947 plans anounced that station woud be built for Onicians

(President of Scripps - Howard radio) - Womens City Club transformed into broadcast

studio and - WEWS & last 3 letters of founder of

company's name : Edward Willis Scripps. - WEWS radio aired first before TV Nov. 7 1947 - Cleveland press publishes article on WhEWS

broadcast a o Dec. In poin WEWS broadcast of amical

- Cleveland Press Christmas part Hosted by Ionary Stuart

* Television

Two com pe tengo TV systems Mechanical

• Electronic won



- David Sarnoff encouraged Russian imagrant to

Vladimir Zworykin to invent practices électronic Tu camera : caught on because majo f TV broadcasters NBC , RCA were using it sound


Study Sour

Inventor of TV : Utan Farmboy named PhiloT,

farrasworth so NT

• figured out a way to make electron beam bounce to back of picture tube nianiNG

didn't recieve credit for inventionat : wwf.





Early days

• Programs came from limited sources name

• WW I delayed TV development because everyone was focused on technology to help the war effort

economic booun (bubu bolomver) - TV swes T

• broadcasters took radio programs & mache them TV programs tt VT


• TV was made to appear to upper class because they were the only ones with a to buy TVN.

• 1960's brought colored TV oxil Opi

• 1961- FCC Charman Newton -" vast wasteland is TV a calls for programming to change to interests of the public rise of tax-payer public TV & raro

• 1969 - live coverage of moon landing - 125 million watched orono sides to notoolse

• 1972 - HBO launched by Time Inc., first cable Network via satellite LolaM) 2000

• 1980's - Cable TV grows in #'s , CNN, MTV launched

Satelite vs. Cable

• 1990 - 3 /5 nomes have cable ora cable channels

• 1996 - Telecommunications Act of 1996 (Bill Clinton) radio & TV ownership , telephone & Internet delivery

• 2009 - FCC requires TV stations to go digital



Study ou

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- Audiances & Demographics i notte T o

• TV shows make by spreading pagsanis to largest # of viewers, selling access to advertisers

• Commercial evaluation owo wo ensnow - ^ Who is this for i demographiesa e How does it make a cws w e

llow tuwi smeon priano nelle Ratings and ton ero ooo) cwrW -

RWA TV broadcasters buy ratings estimate done

by rating companies like Nielsen turboord

A data taken mostly in Feb., May Jwy, Nov. and (most season finales air in these months) - Sweep Months

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