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Texas State - NURS 3440 - Class Notes - Week 6

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> > > > Texas State - NURS 3440 - Class Notes - Week 6

Texas State - NURS 3440 - Class Notes - Week 6

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School: Texas State University
Department: Nursing and Health Science
Course: Nur Care Lifespan
Professor: Regina Jillapalli
Term: Spring 2018
Name: Lifespan nursing notes
Description: These notes are all about the respiratory system.
Uploaded: 02/24/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Mrs. Jilap di hespiratory 2 2-8-18 Look at HP heuthy people S 30 ; respiratory K'takae co Este or pneumaia vaccines, TK testing Noisia race stete es fer respiratory alterations Airway mi intereske. Gal gas exchange Keep head, rech.fichest a lighneel Lipuifty sece bons effective caughing Kaou technikue Sar effective coug hind' Seg 598 1mftcove gas exchange, Centa cyaross a bit problem Oxyger therapy --a pro poate devices - AS Smok Signs - pateal aitway - 3ls x exygen. toxicity - skin break down Mater 5702 / ABG Effective airway clearance - I. S every 3 hrs when awake - 3L of this thins seccedijos) if no fio restitions - Brorsa dilators Asteroids Zaeffe due bretang. Asynchro sos ketog Using acessory miklar Teach pts to con serve energy Know okre polira mundia vs ponsegh lepinbenutkingActiu: tyto lesande in restirectory diseases Acute disease reed assistance APLs Chonic, pas - pace activities, son for vikule Activity intolerance abeo H BARR ete come back to nar mal more slowly than expected. Is related to awont of activity. Ex : respiratory problems with small amount of activity Smoking cessation Chor Ask if they sadke Teach smoking cessation TJC-must screen teach dat tobacco age, There are medications to help. T ach abast hangers. There is dang ke of nicotine 00 if take OTC drogs w/ncotine ) smoke Review Jarvis, hespro.tory Disorders difficathy respextery assessment Obes adults have greater Concern 4 respiration. A sthma - Revec sable Chonic * inflammation ef airways. Mast cells release histamines -> Inflammution in lungs. 7 Neosinophils CWBCS ) Vthick mucov s > juadequte ventilation r rosevatory m.cidosis orante spasmalpha - hcoa cho coastercdiun keto - bronchodiktion Lory ac fing Beta 3 4 Jonist 5 H c pryshe , ag iminen sa I meterol) Short acting Beta 2 a queste, la listerol pile bu tered) U zafirlukast, morte lukust Leukotriene modifies legalesesakan Long acting control meas patrofie corticosteroids ) Preventive vs Rescue - once afuck ius sturted use 30-3 se use e veryday Ask a kat paf erns of atacksi sghs/zymptoms 22 PFT - pulmonas y functiua test most definitive test- le asthma, Wheezing s beter Han nothing. Air is still movira, Asesitate de fore her inadvention, Wheezing is relative to situaton. Listen for a story 1. VF EU mor malia aslimaliter berdotiktionMIEN dx, of asthma, COPD, n | FEV after concl. osh for

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