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UM - BIL 160 - BIL 160 Week 2 Notes - Class Notes

Created by: Sabina Lewis Elite Notetaker

Schools > University of Miami > Biology > MB 160 > UM - BIL 160 - BIL 160 Week 2 Notes - Class Notes

UM - BIL 160 - BIL 160 Week 2 Notes - Class Notes

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School: University of Miami
Department: Biology
Course: Evolution & Biodivrsity
Professor: Dana Krempels
Term: Spring 2015
Tags: natural selection, evolution, Biology, BIL160, Hardy Weinberg, and darwin
Name: BIL 160 Week 2 Notes
Description: Notes covering aspects of Evolution and Hardy Weinberg.
Uploaded: 02/26/2018
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Unformatted text preview: 251 On .22 Natural Selection and Evidence for Evolution Dar vin details artificial selection H breeding pigeons 4 saus extreme di herences in otsenea, oricu Thumors selectively breed dogs to desired traits Darwin orgues Similar process in noture 1-population over-reproduce a. limited resources 1. population grousuntil miled loy resources 3. indiuiduolin population Cory, vario non is old pok al Variant best for environment will survive and re produce Salado phi'er traits will accumulate and population a characteristics will change Corollar sulo-populations divided will change and not inter breed Qs - jodividual dont eulue, populations euolue - natural selection only acts on phenotypic traits -environmental foctors differ, traits faword by context Evidence , 1. Direct Operation of Evolutionary Change, -drug resistant bacterio (MRSA) 2. Com po rative Anatomy - homologu (structures like human arm, bot wing, dog leg) due to common ancestry - development developing embryos of different species have similar structures ie: pharyngeal arches, post-anol toil - vestigial structures 4 species have structures they don't use - molecular homdogies 4 some genetic code across speciesconvergent evolution Haitferent species adapt to the same enolon in the same ways 4 analogous features - milar funtion different or 3. The Fossil record - transitional foosils should exist in the lossi record 4. Biogeography - g ographic distributions of species sex.oldest focail form of Equus is in North America - island endemic species found nowhere else in the world A study soupA Genetic De :chance event changes alele frequencies Befores 8 RB 0.50 R 8er->0.500 After: 6 2. RR 0.15 R 10.75 r - Founder Effect (mel port of original population creories new population with offspring Tsample only hau a olleles - human example (Venezuelon cura fishing village) Uhigh incidence of Huntington's D'icrose traced back to one carrer deo has okos - Bottleneck Efect catastrophic event occus.only small number survives - Northern elephant seals s populaton reduced to 20 Hvery lows genetic variation of surviving only the genes emain in re counded population Gene Flows - transtors of gengs between populations (migration) east pe Central por - east pe had higher survihl rote island in the Netherlands (cd populations - cermal pe migtotec ord hod untit genes for island

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