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UNCC - PSYC 2151 - Study Guide - Midterm

Created by: Madison Gallimore Elite Notetaker

UNCC - PSYC 2151 - Study Guide - Midterm

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background image Abnormal Psychology Unit 2 Exam  Chapters 5-8  Chapter 5- Stress and Physical and Mental Health    PTSD= no longer an anxiety disorder, now a trauma& stress disorder  1.  Has a necessary cause  2.  Symptoms for 1 month or more    Acute Stress Disorder  a.  Symptoms for 2 days or more    PTSD common after WWI- “shell shocked”    Sociocultural factors    Causal- trauma can be additive  Chapter 6- Panic, Anxiety, Obsessions, and Their Disorders    Fear & anxiety= conditionable and separated by source/intensity    GABA (calm)= Benzo diazephines: Valium& Xanax    Anxiety causes- neuroticism, brain structure (limbic system), Neurotransmitters,  perception of lack of control    Anxiety treatment- gradual exposure and cognitive reconstruct    Phobias are learned    23% of adults experience 1 panic attack    GAD treatment= therapy + medication= best    OCD= more neurological than anxiety     

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School: University of North Carolina - Charlotte
Department: Psychology
Course: Abnormal Psychology
Professor: Kristen Humphrey
Term: Fall 2015
Tags: Psychology and Abnormal psychology
Name: Abnormal Psychology Unit 2 Study Guide
Description: Chapters 5-8. Made using notes, lectures, and the textbook.
Uploaded: 02/26/2018
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