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UCONN / History / HIST 1502 / Who is the president between 1829 to 1837?

Who is the president between 1829 to 1837?

Who is the president between 1829 to 1837?


School: University of Connecticut
Department: History
Course: U.S. History Since 1877
Professor: Cathy wright
Term: Fall 2015
Tags: history
Cost: 25
Name: HIST 1502 Week 6 Notes
Description: -politics 1877-1896 -spoils system -election of 1884 -populist revolt
Uploaded: 02/26/2018
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HIST 1502 2-19-18

Who is the president between 1829 to 1837?






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Politics 1817-1896

Politics in the circled Age , how they functioned

"Tell me lies, tell me lies, or a We also discuss several other topics like What is the meaning of dietary guidelines?

Tell me sweet little lies," If you want to learn more check out How do valence electrons affect atomic radius?

to Politics in the Gilded Age n increasingly, many Americans became dissatisfied with the Conservative Coalition t o - white Supremacy & corporate Supremacy - among the roadblocks to "chance" were the spoils system,

What is the known achievement of president andrew jackson?

the seniority system, and dirty campaigning Spoils System

- Andrew Jackson become president (from 1829-1837), he

fired 20% of federal officials and replaced them with this supporters, who had helped him win the election of 1828 Don't forget about the age old question of What is the best example of the indirect (opportunity) costs of college education?

Note: earlier presidential administrations had followed wit h similar polities, athough on a much resser scate) - the name "spoils system" came from William Marcy,

Where did the word spoil system come from?

If you want to learn more check out What holds the head of the humerus in the glenoid fossa?

a NY Democrat politicians who said, "to the victor belongs the Spoils" (from Latin : victori sunt spolial - meaning of spoils system was to give govt jobs

to laual members of their party Example Election of 1884 Wayson Don't forget about the age old question of What happens when any influence on selling plans changes other than the price of the good?

Lo Dirty Politics a Prophtuds who had the most power in congress where those who came from the safest districts Don't forget about the age old question of What are the disadvantages of a proscenium arch stage?



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- cities were




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were "Stringing" and didn't get as much powers so urban issues were not adressed - Swinging state Senators usually got less power

Dirty politics about personality & dragging your opponent not issues 6 Election of 1884:

Stephen Grover Clevel and vs. James G. Blaine

Senator, secretary of State "Burn this letter!

s "Blain! Blain!"

James G. Blain! Contänental liar from the state of Maine!" maman. Where's my pa?" bodo

Ma, Ma... where's my pa? He's going to the white

House, ha... ha.. ha..!" is people were forgiving since he was mature, he took

responsibility and had friends of his aclopt the child can't let a democrat win, because they stand for "Romanism and rebellion"

in Catholic communities, Cleveland seemed to be winning -NY was a swing state


Revoit Close The Poplist

Elections with Elections with I

Rising Third parties - no one wins with majority s vote during this time

has later, the "people's party" is established Populist Rexalta unhappy farmer



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Hist 1502 2-21-18





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Populist Revolt Unhappy Farmers

verwhelmingly agricultural Society (951

farmers began facing many problem. farm prices declined

farmers began ufarming" with new technology which allowed

them to grow more - more produce = prices decreasing - Smaller family farms had to compete B buy these new tools, but they didn't have money so they went into debot

• farm costs rose / farm debt roses - it farmers were at an advantage bic of the railroads B

to new industna realities bic they can adapt since they're near big cities - farmers in South West went in debt, so banks took a

their farms away

• Sharecropping increased

• land taxes rose

• Societal respect for farmers declined (they were the middle class, but the middle class began transitioning to office jobs)

The American Dream seemed to be vanishing "The Farmer is the Man Written by Fiddlin John Carson The Populicz Ralth The People's Party stes. Gov't should regulate monopolies, esp. railroads

replace I and tax wi graduated income tax inflationary currency - silver direct election of u.s. senators restrict immigration 8 hr- work day for factory workers






Hist 1502 2-21-18



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Populist Revolt Election of 1896

- leads to major change in politics - A "watershed" election - republicans nominated William McKinley - democrats nominated William Jennings Bryan (the Great

Commoner) - ("Cross of Gold")

Lo democrats nominated a reformer after causan speech - Populists absorbed into Democratic Party, which now had

both a conservative wing and populist progressive ring Populist Revolt Postscript

L. Frank Baum, The wonderful wizard of Oz Ex) Emerald city = Chicago

Oz - America

Dorothy American people (if they used their powers Wilked witch of the East - Wall Street wizard & Bryan la Democrat posing as a populist)

Scartcrow American Farmer

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