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AU - NTRI 2000 - NTRI 2000 White Chapter 5 (Exam 2) - Study Guide

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> > > > AU - NTRI 2000 - NTRI 2000 White Chapter 5 (Exam 2) - Study Guide

AU - NTRI 2000 - NTRI 2000 White Chapter 5 (Exam 2) - Study Guide

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School: Auburn University
Department: Nutrition and Food Sciences
Course: Nutrition and Health
Professor: Ramesh Jeganathan
Term: Summer 2015
Tags: nutrition, nutrition science, nutritious, Auburn University, auburn, and white
Name: NTRI 2000 White Chapter 5 (Exam 2)
Description: Professor White Exam 2 Part 2 Chapter 5
Uploaded: 03/01/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Types of Fiber Vinsoluble or non- fermentabu fiber - cellulose - hemicellulose V Solubou or viscous foar - pect'ins - Jums - Mucilages De for fiber V Al - Set to reduce risk of CV disease & diabetes VAI- 25 grams Iday for womea, 88 grams Iday for men V DU- 25 gramsidam for 2000 cal day d et Chapter 5- Lipids Mocabulary- triglycerides Majoc lipid found in bodur, Composed of 3 fatty acids bonded to glycerol (an alcohol aucerol 3-carbon alcohol used to form triglycerides phospholipid any of a class of fat related Substances that contain phosphorus, faty acids, 3 a nitrogen - Containing base, phospholipids are a essenhal Part of every coll Sterol a compound containing a multing (Steroid structure 1 a hydroxyl group (OH- ex: Cholestrol Cholestrol = wary lipid found in al body cells. Shruc ture that contains mutipu Chorical rings that is foalnd in foud that contain animal Produck. Comoecked by saturakd fatty acid fatty acid Contavna no Carbon - corban double pond, Connecie a singu koond Honounsaturated fatty acid > fatty acid Containing cartoon Cartoon doulaye bond Poly unsatdraked fatty acid fatty aud Confaining 2 or More' Carlos - Carbon doulay pond Corbon doulote Cis fatty acid form of an unsaturated fatty acid that has the hydrogens Tuina on the San Side of+we carbon - Carbon doulalo \pond trans fattu acidunsaturated fatty acid, usually monosat. when in food, hudrogens on both caroons forming the doulou aand lie on opposik sides of that bond long- Chain fatty acid > Contains 12+ Cartoons Omega - 3 (w-3) fatty acid unsaturated fattu acid wl the 15+ doulou bond on the 3rd Carbon from the metal end (-CH2 Omega - w-fatty acid Unsaturated fatty acid wl 15 doubu bond on the the methyl end (-CHS) car bon from alpha-linolenic acid essential omuga - 3 fatty acid wl18 cofoong 3 doublg oonds linoleic aad essential omega- wl 19 cartoons fatty aad 2 doulde bonds essential fatty acids Supplied by diet 16 maintain hat, only linoleic acid 3 al pha-linolenic are essential oric acid omog - 9 fatty acid wl 18 caricons 1 1 Houou oond eicosanoid s hormon Compounds derived from fats (arachidonic acid), vowed in cellular acimy alicting polunu sol. Dertically all important functons 10 the bodyCudy Soup icosapentaenoic acid (EPA CPA ameoa - 3 fatty omega 3 to acido cid WT 20 car ons is S carbon - carbon douvole bonds present in large amounts fatku - fish is slowly syntire Sized in the podius from along-linolenic acid Clocosahexaenoic acid LOHA Omega - 3 fatty acid T 22 Carbons Cocoon - Cacboa doudou - bonds, Present in large amounts in fattu-fish Slowly Synthesized in tu bodu from Olpha- linolenic acid, DHA is especially present in the retina ? brain total parenteral nutrition intravenous feeding of all necessary nutrients, including we most basic forms of prokin, car loa hydrates, lipds, vitamins, minerals, 3 eve ctrolytes arachidonic acid Omga -e fatty acid mad from linoleic acidul 20 cartoon atomis 34 carbone Car pon dovbe bonds humorrhagic Strece damage to part of the rain Nesulting from rupture of a blood vessel 3 Sulo Sequento Qoding witin or over the intral Surface of tne brain diglycerides breakdown product of a triglycerida Consisting of 2 fatm acids loonded to a glycerol Balcic toona monoglyceride break down product of a triglyuride Consisting of 1 fatty acid attached to a glycerol backloora He cithin group o compounds that are major Components of cell membranos emulsifier Compound that cao suspend fat in water by soating lodividual tal dvoplats, , USInga Shall at wako ( muurus or other substanus to prevent the fat om Coglescing Study oup

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