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MGT 150 - Class Notes - Week 4

Created by: Brittany Jamerson Elite Notetaker

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MGT 150 - Class Notes - Week 4

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School: Jefferson College
Department: OTHER
Course: Marketing
Professor: Dollar
Term: Spring 2018
Name: Marketing week 4 class notes
Description: Final chapter before the first midterm exam; this chapter focuses on MIS, SMART and research.
Uploaded: 03/01/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Weer. Ch.4 crm sales focca Reasons fuc Research Can umerneeds i mates for bojno one difficult to deAermine - Hao do ou ont Seeshadeco customer instant Ha, dovou use it to stay cluje Monouso Cook doosolesco Sem un son casi Karveling Sofernodion System MS 102 - Mocaram managers + other fofarcradon Users crocirea customer i merr vet fosi gnis som poovurang informatig Norwehoea Resecueh Press emact pg, lots 4 stund R Smcu + objectives primena date Seandair dosa S specific Measurare Alqichieuntea Collect Brakra poti allatie T times) email questionnaires telegnano mtenduino e personal intentuing eklekonso VOC Moodusvaraa

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