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ART 111 - Class Notes - Week 8

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ART 111 - Class Notes - Week 8

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background image Chapter 2.3 // Printmaking  Context of Printmaking   ○ ancient civilizations in Egypt and Mesopotamia - reproduced images by  rolling incised (cut) stones across clay or pressing them into wax  ○ in ancient China - used wooden stamps to print patterned designs into textiles    Relief Printmaking  ○ woodblock:  ■ woodblock ​: a relief print process where the image is carved into a  block of wood  ■ to create a colour woodblock print ​, an artist must produce a separate  relief block for every colour  ● registration: aligning each print colour perfectly  ○ linocut:  ■ linocuts ​: the prints that are a result of carving into the surface of a  material, usually linoleum, then printing the raised surface left behind    Intaglio Printmaking  ○ engraving:   ■ engraving ​: a printmaking technique where the artist gouges or  scratches the image into the surface of the printing plate  ■ usually done on a metal plate  ○ drypoint:  ■ drypoint ​: an intaglio printmaking process where the artist raises a burr  when gouging the printing plate  ○ etching:  ■ etching ​: an intaglio printmaking process that uses acid to bit (or etch)  the engraved design into the printing surface  ■ allows for greater control in incorporating subtle changes of dark or  light lines that affect value  ○ aquatint:  ■ aquatint ​: an intaglio printmaking process that uses melted rosin or  spray paint to create an acid-resistant ground  ○ mezzotint:  ■ mezzotint ​: an intaglio printmaking process based on roughening the  entire printing plate to accept ink; the artist smoothes non-image areas  ■ produces dark, rich values    Collagraphy  ○ collagraph ​: a type of relief print that is created by building up or collaging  material on or to a stiff surface, inking that surface, then printing   
background image Lithography  ○ planography ​: a print process - lithography and silkscreen printing - where the  inked image area and non-inked areas are at the same height  ○ traditionally done on stone    Serigraphy (Silkscreen Printing)  ○ another planographic printing process 
○ one of the most versatile; valued for its potential to print strong colours 
Editions  ○ editions ​: prints produced in limited numbers of identical impressions  ○ artist’s proofs ​: prints that are used by the printmaker to check the quality of  the process and  ​are not intended to be part of the edition    Monotypes and Monoprints  ○ monotypes/monoprints ​: print techniques that enable an artist to produce an  image that is one of a kind  ○ a monotype image ​ prints from a polished plate, such as glass or metal  ○ monoprints ​ can by made using any print process    Print Shops and Digital Reproduction Services  ○ contemporary printmakers sometimes rely on the technical expertise of  craftsmen who may not be artists themselves, but have developed the 
knowledge and expertise to bring creative ideas to a well-crafted artwork 
○ printing services work with the individual artist to find the right paper, surface  appearance, and archival qualities that meet his or her high standard   
Chapter 2.4 // Sculpture 
Approaches to Three Dimensions in Sculpture  ○ in the round ​: a freestanding sculpted work that can be viewed from all sides  ○ relief ​: a raised form on a largely flat background (ex. the design on a coin)  ■ bas-relief ​: a sculpture carved w/very little depth  ■ high relief ​: a carved panel were the figures project w/a great deal of  depth from the background    Methods of Sculpture  ○ subtractive ​: the methodical removal of material to produce  sculptural form  ■ most ancient works of art that still exist were made using subtractive  methods of sculpture, usually made of stone or ivory  ■ worked by chipping, carving, sanding, and polishing  ○ additive ​: a sculpting process in which the artist builds a form by adding  material  ■ ex. modeling or casting 

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Department: Arts and Humanities
Course: Art Appreciation
Professor: Josephine Butler
Term: Spring 2018
Tags: Art
Name: ART111 - week 8
Description: These notes cover chapters 2.3 and 2.4. This includes Printmaking, as well as Sculpture.
Uploaded: 03/01/2018
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