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LSU - PSYC 3082 - Class Notes - Week 2

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LSU - PSYC 3082 - Class Notes - Week 2

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background image CHAPTER 5 Types of DSM-5 Somatic Symptom Disorders - Illness anxiety disorder - Somatic Symptom Disorder
- Conversion Disorder (functional neurological symptom
- Factitious Disorder
- Psychological factors affecting medical conditions
means "body"
Somatic Symptom Disorder
Characteristics of _______ Disorder:
- Preoccupation with health and/or body appearance and 
- No identifiable medical condition causing the physical 
Somatic Symptom Disorder: Clinical Description
Clinical Description of ______ Disorder:
- Presence of one or more medically unexplained symptoms 
(no identifiable medical cause)
- Substantial impairment in social or occupational functioning
- Concern about the SYMPTOMS (not necessarily what the 
symptoms mean)
- Symptoms become the person's identity and they get a lot 
of attention
Somatic Symptom Disorder: Statistics
Statistics of ________ Disorder:
- Relatively rare condition
- Onset usually in adolescence
- More likely to affect unmarried, low SES women
- Runs a chronic course
- Research is limited due to recent redefinition of the 
disorder in DSM
background image Somatic Symptom Disorder with Predominant Pain - Type of somatic symptom disorder, previously classified as "pain disorder"
- Clear physical pain that is medically unexplained
- Little is known about the origin
- 5% to 8% of the population may have this disorder
Somatic Symptom Disorders: Causal Factors
Causal factors of ______ Disorder:
Little is known
May include: 
- Familial history of illness
- Stressful life events
- Hyper-sensitivity to physical sensations
- Experience suggesting that there are benefits to illness 
(getting attention)
Somatic Symptom Disorder: Treatment
Treatment for ________ Disorder:
- CBT is best treatment
- Reduce the tendency to visit numerous medical specialists 
"doctor shopping"
- Assign "gatekeeper" physician
- Reduce supportive consequences of talk about physical 
Illness Anxiety Disorder: Clinical Description - Physical complaints without a clear cause - Severe anxiety about the possibility of having a 
serious disease
- Worry about the MEANING of the symptoms
- Strong disease conviction
- Medical reassurance does not seem to help
Illness Anxiety Disorder
______ Disorder is very similar to DSM-IV hypochondriasis
background image Illness Anxiety Disorder: Statistics
Statistics of _______ Disorder:
- Prevalence estimated between 1-5%
- Onset at any age
- Sex ratio equal
- Runs a chronic course
Illness Anxiety Disorder: similar culturally specific 
Culturally specific disorders similar to ______ Disorder:
- Koro
- Dhat
- Kyol Goeu
Illness Anxiety Disorder: Causes
Causes of ________ Disorder:
- Cognitive Perceptual Distortions
- Familial history of illness
Illness Anxiety Disorder: Treatment
Treatments of ________ Disorder:
- Challenge illness-related misinterpretations
- Provide more substantial and sensitive reassurance and 
- CBT is generally effective
- Antidepressants offer some help
Conversion Disorder
______ Disorder is also known as Functional Neurological 
Conversion Disorder: Clinical Description
Clinical Description of ______ Disorder: 
- Physical malfunctioning of sensory or motor functioning 
(blindness or difficulty speaking)

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School: Louisiana State University
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Professor: Bryan Gros
Term: Fall 2014
Name: chapter 5 notes
Description: exam 2 notes
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