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WSU - Art History 1110 - Class Notes - Week 8

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> > > > WSU - Art History 1110 - Class Notes - Week 8

WSU - Art History 1110 - Class Notes - Week 8

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School: Wayne State University
Department: OTHER
Course: Survey of Art History, I: Ancient through Medieval
Professor: Brian Madigan
Term: Fall 2017
Tags: Art and history
Name: Survey of Art History Week 8 Notes
Description: These notes cover what will be on exam 3.
Uploaded: 03/02/2018
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Unformatted text preview: W Priene (city) Formul Hipeidamian plan: Hippodamos po posed what he called a good plan of a city'. A grid puur that has multiple funchons Crusidunnal, pontical, religious, social, etc. Basically an orgunitid arrangement of struchirt Pion Shows regulonity b. Agora = marketplace is in the center Located on a hillside Out of flood plains 1 There's a lind of open panament way from the edge of M City to the agora (doesmi go through other side CD Not moals pot Jong stairways Lc on a hiy 4 Stoa = covered coronnudes that housed shops and civic ofreon I goes all the way around the agora | H All the way edge of eity: Stadium liony open spaces and gymnasium (contcuns classyDooms and a opun space 5. Also has a theator orchestra and double story scene building built into natural topography iconographic the Hippo damian pian also represcats a good govem mund The directon, width, and straightest represent the idea that the wind will blow out the bad things gn the air" Jhutike peopu believed existed health Purpuses ) 5. The fhuulw had bom rcligious and cultural compctitionC Republican zomur Datural Lomuns believed ridn people Should mure govt decisions No one wal culled tin emperor ing GIVRAN ANA flomans Vnuwun fok copying Imanipulat- Formal ia Simi- nude marble Stare iz Hos armok (ltather breastplate Supports Statue (als identifies him as quuerol but thats iconographics H well-muscid you inful torso but with Midglie-aged face 4 iconographic . This was phbably 0 votive for a successful military Campaign be 'if you're sucessful, its owuld in some port to the gods" TO b a potncian- had to be well-educated and appreciate Gract art but still not lose the Roman nok (represented by Grao body and Roman head and partial nudity) S. THIS Statue promoubiy represenk the genergul pietyt self promohan = contextual 15Rumuns were obligated to thank Roman gods 9 Zomuns rcaliu that people dont run anuha naked hunde only partial nudity Romant dont li se to idealize the fact Snill apprtuuting Greek ant but Sfill individuali my tumitiva2 Head of a patrician (upperclass mon) Formu Hyper nou i Frontal an wolies t imperfecton's y Middle aged-old male by iconographic The hypercalishchuss of this keresent "LOOK at all dont for trt loman siak that's caused prie to age this way iz Contextual These Portraits were mostly of older men lomuns pelieved tre incud qient was schstoudtong irereas cureais scuiprures was pouf character, Romeen Sculehtesowel mare about hous went the person served th STOR 2 9 Romans would pluster dead mans fuu at death for this sculpture und evin ust piostarmusis for funeral rituals of Yortunus in Lume Etruscans mitigiw puminate floor (Lomans nuws have hatred jor meg butter Rama overthinu shem Ls Formal in Girees (onic order but "phony' periatyu actuaily u engaged columns (tolumns built into an made si martie y Stairs only in front ul on podium | raised up e conographic 55 Tht Stouns only in hiotruerents that its not muant to be suun jr man sid DContexnal unurstanding Gyilk ort but stiluring uniquely floman

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