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UA - MATH 105 - Class Notes - Week 8

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Schools > University of Arizona > Engineering > MATH 105 > UA - MATH 105 - Class Notes - Week 8

UA - MATH 105 - Class Notes - Week 8

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School: University of Arizona
Department: Engineering
Course: Math In A Modern Society
Professor: Debra Wood
Term: Fall 2017
Tags: controlled, Studies, placebo, blind, and study
Name: Math 105 wk8
Description: the lighter parts of the notes say: ex-Jenny Craig -fake treatment -some will try and make the treatment work more -(by low you should not be a part of a study without consent)
Uploaded: 03/02/2018
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Unformatted text preview: the treatmor Conholled Study 2 or more groups, one gethn treatment U bt ge Hing the peu comitment and propre 9 A novelty elect: nw se elfects Pew Ress dl the treatment bahor com Boutside influences: Control group placebo TECHNICAL Trecstmeat qoup: one w nkele U given the treatment sonte viare Blind (Yould Study: doesn't know they got the paceloo or freutment - Double blind study : don't khow f got plafoo ar rastien Careque UNS if they got the treatment or place bo Peither

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