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FSU - CLP 4143 - Class Notes - Abnormal Psychology Week 8 notes

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> > > > FSU - CLP 4143 - Class Notes - Abnormal Psychology Week 8 notes

FSU - CLP 4143 - Class Notes - Abnormal Psychology Week 8 notes

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background image Specific Phobia A. Marked fear or anxiety about a specific object/situation B. Object or situation almost always provokes immediate fear or 
C. Object or situation is actively avoided or endured with intense 
D. Fear or anxiety is out of proportion to the actual danger E. Lasts for 6+ months F. Clinically significant distress or impairment G. Not better accounted for by another condition Specific types:  o Animals Arachnophobia: fear of spiders Cynophobia: fear of dogs Ophidiophobia: fear of snakes o Natural Environment Acrophobia: fear of heights Astraphobia: fear of thunderstorms Nyctophobia: fear of the dark o Blood-Injection-Injury (drop in blood pressure – fainting response) Hemophobia: fear of blood Trypanophobia: fear of injections Traumatophobia: fear of injury o Situational Aerophobia: fear of airplanes Vehophobia: fear of driving Claustrophobia: fear of tight spaces o Other Coultrophobia: fear of clowns Emetophobia: fear of vomiting Phonophobia: fear of fear of loud noises Normative vs. Phobia Fear o Fear is a natural part of childhood Tends to decrease with age o Specific phobias may be adaptive fears expressed in a  maladaptive way Prevalence of Specific Phobias o Lifetime: 12.5%
o Past year: 8.7%
o Gender: 4 times more common in women than men 
o Age: Less common in older age
background image o Ethnicity: Hispanics 2x more likely than non-Hispanic White  Americans Course of Specific Phobias o Onset: Most common during childhood (7 years old)
o Chronic course = tends to be lifelong
o Most do not seek treatment
Biological Factors o Heritability 31% of first degree relatives of someone with phobia also 
have a phobia
Relatives tend to have identical types of phobias Unclear whether influence is generic through modeling 
specific fears
o Phobias also seem to have an evolutionary basis Snakes, heights, water, thunderstorms Psychological Factors o Direct experience
o Experiencing a false alarm
o Observing someone else’s intense fears 
o Being told about danger
o Vulnerability + Stress = Phobia
Social Factors o Acceptability of certain phobias Specific Phobia Treatments o Exposure Therapy Patient is gradually exposed to the stimulus Psychological Treatments o Exposure Therapy for Blood-Injection-Injury Phobia Can’t do an exposure if someone faints and is unconscious  Need to tense muscle groups to keep blood pressure up o Tips for Exposure Therapy Exposures must be repeated  Practice in-session and at home Avoid “safety aids” Use graduated exposure Work with therapist. 

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School: Florida State University
Department: OTHER
Course: Abnormal Psychology
Professor: Natalie Sachs-Ericsson
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: Psychology
Name: Abnormal Psychology Week 8 notes
Description: These are the notes from the powerpoints that we went over in class.
Uploaded: 03/02/2018
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