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UM - BIL 160 - Study Guide Ch.24-27 - Study Guide

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> > > > UM - BIL 160 - Study Guide Ch.24-27 - Study Guide

UM - BIL 160 - Study Guide Ch.24-27 - Study Guide

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School: University of Miami
Department: Biology
Course: Evolution & Biodivrsity
Professor: Dana Krempels
Term: Spring 2015
Tags: Biology, evolution, speciation, BIL160, originofspecies, HistoryOfLife, Phylogeny, treeoflife, and prokaryotes
Name: Study Guide Ch.24-27
Description: These Notes cover what is on the Ch.24-27 Exam.
Uploaded: 03/03/2018
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Unformatted text preview: A study Soup A Study Soup Study Guide Bio Ch.4-2.7 Ch.24 The Origin of Species * Different ways to Define o species 1. biological species concept - con interbreed 2. morphological species concept -posed on structural features 3. ecological species concept based on che 4. phylogenetic species concept -smallest group or phylogenetic tree A Hous news Species Formi 1. Allo patric Speciation geographic boarrier separates population I. . Sympatric Speciation - Aulopolyploidy - more than 2 chromcsome sets from some Species - Allo polyploidy - pohly poid epecies from Auso different species - sexual selection - choosing more - differential habitat - moues to different mong ground Aloes or reproductive Todation Prezygotic coefore tion) - rolovat oss temporal isolador * oeravioral Solotion mechanical soladion gometic olotion - Post zygotic (ofter fertilization reduced hyorid violoility * reduced hyprid fertility hybrid break down study studySoup studyStudy Soup hybrid rone Force of incompele se productive isdation * reinforcement- barriers strengthened * fusion) - become 1 population ogoin * stability continued hyorid formation Ch.35 The History of Life on Earth 4 Time Scale Era feriad Epoch + Precampion 4.5mya origin of Earth * 3.8 my at first life * prokaryotes eukaryotes evolve so- od iederepaics euole + Paleozoic starts with cambrian explosion * vascular plantes marinerom phibian2, ceptiles,insects eris tot'n Persian mos exdindo Mesozoic cone bearing are oubering plants evole dinosaurs euolul - ends on Creloceo.a extinchoa Cenozoic commals on prosedue - 15 mva = humano emowe Study Soup A stay souStudy Soup ( oySoup Important Experiments O porio taldane -hypothesize. spontaneous generation Herr Urey-generate amino acids w chiersh user - suggest bo moleculesfrom hydrothermal vents Murchison - find me orite hos omino acids Fox - spontaneous polymeer zotion of amino acids Cairns-Smith-cloy surface con polymerite amino acids & Acquiring Life Characteristics membrane evolution 2. develop inetolalic poths 3. creating genetic systeem BNA came before ONAK * Fossil Record do e 1065 ls usine radiometric dado * use inalf-life of radioactive isotopes Ex: Carbon-19 commonly used or dodir, because hos short Vr life udysoup A

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