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RU - MGT 06300 - Study Guide - Midterm

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RU - MGT 06300 - Study Guide - Midterm

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background image Organizational behavior 
Study guide for exam 1
Review questions 
Highlights fromch 1-7 
Review questions: Which of the following is the highest level of 
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs:
The desire to seek approval from others, conform 
to their wishes and expectations and avoid 
conflict and confrontations ins referred to as the 
need for :
According to the 4 drive theory which of the 
following drives is the foundation of competition 
and the basis of our need for esteem:
The drive to acquire
Which of the following is true of the expectancy 
theory model 
It states that work effort is directed towards behaviors 
that people believe will lead to desired outcomes
Which of the following is applied by the 
supervisors when they stop criticizing employees 
who substandard performance has improved
Negative reinforcement
Perceptual defense refers to the: 
blocking out of a bad news or info that threatens our 
self concept
Which of the following is the assumption of the 
rational choice paradigm ?
Decision makers have well articulated goals
People tend to be more creative when: 
Have a reasonable level of a job security 
The benefits of employee involvement increases 
The novelty and complexity of the problem or 
background image In the creative process which of the following 
refers to the experience of suddenly becoming 
aware of a unique idea:
According to social identity theory
People define themselves by their group affiliations
Which of the following occurs during the 1 st  step  of nominal group technique once the problem is 
Team members silently and independently write down 
as many solutions as they can
The degree to which team members have 
collective confidence in how well they work 
together and the likely success of their team 
effort is 
Team efficacy
Self-directed teams
Have substantial autonomy over the execution of a 
completed task
How do norms affect the behavior of team 
They help the team regulate and guide the behavior of 
its team members
Highlights picked from class:
Chapter 1 
Organizational behavior:  the study of what people think, feel, and do in 
and around organizations.
Why study OB?  Helps us make sense of and predict our world.  Provides 
knowledge/tools to work with others.  OB is for everyone.
Globalization:  economic, social, cultural connectivity with people in other 
parts of the world.
Surface level diversity:  demographic and physiological differences. Deep-level diversity: different beliefs, values, personalities.

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School: Rowan University
Department: Management
Course: Organizational Behavior
Professor: Tejinder Billing
Term: Spring 2016
Name: Exam 1 study guide
Description: Chapters 1-7 There are key highlights from each chapter as well as review questions
Uploaded: 03/03/2018
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