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CSU - CHEM 113 - Class Notes - Week 7

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> > > > CSU - CHEM 113 - Class Notes - Week 7

CSU - CHEM 113 - Class Notes - Week 7

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School: Colorado State University
Department: Chemistry
Course: General Chemistry II
Professor: Ingrid Laughman
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: General Chemistry
Name: CHEM 113 Week 7 Notes
Description: These notes cover equilibrium including the equilibrium constant, reactant quotient, and Le Chatelier's Principle.
Uploaded: 03/05/2018
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Unformatted text preview: examples Culosis. cros) - Copy) ekanmi Ais : 2B45 3C49) 20 LBJ' Ker /Kaerse multiples reaction -> se k tosune comes 2000, 2100 KL N02024, NOK, combining Kvalues - multiply, Kvalues ON202paEK - 240 0 5 2NO, K I 91 * NZ A 20, s 2ND, ks ekska - (por INOT N077 (101 s10,1 ,100,12 s e A studySoup actio qucliente numerical value of mass Mbun Erpret for any values of contentations or pubial pretues of reactants and products rat 20 ks value of indicates, how reaction is proceedingQ R .re con proceeds toward produces prtach 20 Q-k - equilibriun &K - reaction proceeds toward reebie 55 to reach to STTOTTtittiin le Che latex's Brinonte: "a system al cuilibrium responds lb asbes in oth a may list it reactia sbes" Liretors that mill wage the relative rates of forwardiniece CALL or change the valueo a capired'tok, er ashift in the position of equilibrium Ex: Hount Co , g) C024) remore (02) ods liker vauung 20shik forward gerund racklis dominat until erudibrom recybelline FEEEEEEEEE chanping, volume ches, pul bal pressures charges dereise volime bil 12 increase pe pereby 2 Morease V, or side unth were moles of gas beat Meat as reallant or product ex. Nga 34, 5, 204,- heat shed adalupes he shiten read En fester brit dhane kor position of EQendothermic Exothermic A+ readines produek reactants products A AHSO AHD morlase volume shift to ride with more mdes gas APP dyseur study sour 1 11111111110111

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