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FSU - BSC 2010 - Class Notes - Week 5

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FSU - BSC 2010 - Class Notes - Week 5

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School: Florida State University
Department: OTHER
Course: Biological Science
Professor: Kevin Dixon
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: Biology
Name: week 5 notes
Description: These will help with the final exam.
Uploaded: 03/05/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 10 : Photosynthesis orts light energy to the sts are found mainly herc * Photosynthesis - chemical energy of food Me Sophyll - chloroplasts Stomata - microscopic pores Copposite of reactions in cellular respirator - reactions we Opposite of - autotrophs - Sustain them Sustain themselves wlout eativos anything derived fom other organisk biospherc, produce organic W om. Wa F other inorganic moleculos er organic material CEODOBBY heteronoghs - obtain their organic from other organisms L consumers of the biosphere - Light-Dependent taht energy into ATP and NADPH oxidize Hal and release Va 5- The Light - Independent. Reactions (Calvin Cycle) o reduce CO2 - use the energy stored in the to produce sugar and ATP and NAVID NADPHE han the light -dependent reactions to do this photosynthesis : 6C03 6h 20 + light C6H12O6 +60a elugu photosynthesis reverses the direction of electron flow compared to respiration - Had is okidird, coa is reduced - an endergonic process , egy fivided by light TOTOJUJUStudysou photo part (ight reactions split Had reduce da * reduce. NADPE to NADPH geruate ArP from 'ADP by photo phosphorylation synthesis part Calvin alle . forms sugar from C08 , using ATP ard NADPH begins wl carbon fixation , incorporating Ja into organic molecules - pass high-energy, elections to a lower energy acceptor to the high energy starte La electrons must be excited L> comes from sunlight 1) carbon fixation a) reduction Studysoup 3) regnevation of the coa acceptor Astusi koup Studysoupsugar t oxygen Coa + water storrala Nyiko Strom 30-40 of leat where chloroplasts ac fard Plant have chlommelast5 exits, thru pores dense fluid Foxygen es sumounding UJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ Chloroplast ha thyla koids, are sacs called thylakoid space har gives leaves color Stroma from * light erup/ C&H sa 06 + 6O2 + 6Had tho and 10.1 aren parts of plant par mesofhyll-tissuem COa enters the leaf, FONT Called stomata oplast has a membranes called Shrira. 2 within Stroma is are sa which segregates Stroma fory unlovori vreen Pigment is found in the lakoid membranes 6003 + 13 HaO + light erg Ceti sa Da given och not som off by plants is derived from plants is der O tram Coa 13 wastce Product F is released na PIOT Spins water into hydrogen and oxygen orosynthesis reverses divection of electro How G water is split, electrons are troinstewed, along wl hydrogen 'ions (HI) from water to Wa , reducino, it T6 gugar electrons increase in potential urugu, as they. move from water to sugor ; requires ehegy (ardergonic) - light reactions - convert solar energy to cernical (NADPHarol ATP ) . Hal is split, providing a sa rce of elechons + pobos (H+) and aving of Qaas a by proolist - light absorbed by Chlorophyt drives a transfer of the electrons + H+ from uoter to NADP+ uheve theil" are temporarily stored electron camer - Photosynthesis reverse

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