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CHEM 334 - Study Guide - Midterm

Created by: Taylor Rowson Elite Notetaker

CHEM 334 - Study Guide - Midterm

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School: University of South Carolina - Columbia
Department: Chemistry
Course: Organic Chemistry II
Professor: sheryl Wiskur
Term: Spring 2018
Tags: Aldehydes, Ketones, dibalh, lialh4, Alkynes, and protectinggroups
Name: Organic Chemistry Exam
Description: These notes will cover the major key points that will be covered in the upcoming exam.
Uploaded: 03/05/2018
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Unformatted text preview: EXAM STODY GUIDE Studysous A study soup CE very thing will not be in unrmolccal order as it is o taught in lectue. This will h ip be cous tue quel noni the won will be saltered) How can I make aldehydes? a oxidation of l aleonols using (PCC b) ozmolysis using 2 ha), ) C) Hydroborahan of tumingl alkynas L. BH Sia) a. H202 NaOH d) Reduction of aud chlorides L. LI ATHot Bula a carboxylic - 18 C aud that replaas 2. H20 tre oft for a halide- haloon e Ester Reductions DI BAL-H -7801 2. Hz0 Studycou UCHAN LIKE A MAC Studysoup causa reglas RIOR A study soul A study soup A study soup * Remember that an aldehyde is in this form. R H Without this H, this a retorq VOSITION Latilsid... anh Examples . DIBATH N O (you shll get an aidenud. -10 C 2. Hzot u thone is normalur 1,0 here, but we are dealing with am ple pwd" in the end study soup Studysoup 1. DI BATCH DEN I ben or " 2-18 C A Study * ANYTIME you are DI BAL-H. aut oman caly think ald hyde to this is where the double bond o is formed O . LATHCot Ba) 3 onu 2. H20 778 C StudySoup M I DIBAL-H O DEM - .H20 study Soup Study Soup . DIBAL-H f) Nimile Reduction Isang as example shown above J. 20ald waxa 108L - H -nHgia AS dhabu * make sune that the savne number of carbome You have on the left side, is the conne TMt wo mu nih sudo 10 # opis Aubu moh a pu TSI 10 Sushouzo ( Sab buim 03 Carbon -caroon double bord b) Friedal Crafts Aaylation using add c) alcohol oxidation using H2604 spPLLUD 1745 JO Pce Pau ouroBio (P YIN Y vunpy 2 - VUISY dinaMH (BOEHZ (LOCH? .. Hun syuhad a - SHS HOON/2521 70 Hg (oAc .z H 14/H20 f) Terminal Alkyres using tg (o c)2 in the end Mzsoy /H 20 of a anun

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