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FAU - SYP 3060 33056 - Class Notes - Week 8

Created by: Shanice Telusnor Elite Notetaker

> > > > FAU - SYP 3060 33056 - Class Notes - Week 8

FAU - SYP 3060 33056 - Class Notes - Week 8

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background image                                                              Week 8 Notes      •  Ethnicity- cultural heritage that people shared based on their language, religion, and  ancestors   
•  Race-people who are treated the same based on certain physical characteristics    
•  We talked about interracial relationships, like some of the problems that people in these  types of relationships might face like, an individual’s family may not like who they are 
dating because that individual’s partner is white or black.  
•  How children born of an interracial relationship feel different when they hang out with  both of their family sides. For example, if they go hang out with the white side they may 
feel that they are being treated different or if they go to the black side they may consider 
them acting too white.  
•  Make sure you guys also know some of the problems that people in interracial  relationships go through 
•  There were also some group presentations   

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School: Florida Atlantic University
Department: OTHER
Course: Hum Sexuality and Soc Change
Professor: Gina D. Carreno Lukasik
Term: Spring 2017
Name: week 8
Description: These notes cover things from week 8.
Uploaded: 03/05/2018
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