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KSU - JMC 20001 - Class Notes - Week 6

Created by: Eman Notetaker Elite Notetaker

Schools > Kent State University > Journalism and Mass Communications > JMC 20001 > KSU - JMC 20001 - Class Notes - Week 6

KSU - JMC 20001 - Class Notes - Week 6

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School: Kent State University
Department: Journalism and Mass Communications
Course: Media, Power, and Culture
Professor: Eugene Shelton
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: movies
Name: MPC Class Notes
Description: These notes cover what main points in the quiz
Uploaded: 03/05/2018
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Unformatted text preview: * Author's Notes Movie gave us 's . ficar nodionas celebrities help to develop was cwtute Movie Palaces 1920's pour in Movie Palaces Akron Canton * Canton is biggest functioning screen Joho Eberson : 'atmospheric" design in theatre architecture | * designed AKO & Contoo Theatres Atays lodes - keveloped by Motion Picture Produses & Distributres Association I named after William Hays : deucloped & en Forced Codes . Censorship of all topics f references efecing to sex elceprit is part of main pior (nuelity , dolustru, murder * creosed by indusly not gou.- 1927: Warner Brothers Studio lected (ITA phone: alarning on a record thod vrached what in sync charoetes were su While movie was planning Don Juan 13 The Jazz singer (1971) AL Julson Warner Brothers started out in Neus ustle, PA "Big 5: Mom, Posamount, BKO , WamerBros, & 20th Century Fox clomunesed Business crosed stuolo susten" : Standard uneios do movie making own Movie theatres this ployed theic Movies maske 50 movies per year per Stuelto 1940'S gov, ended - Stroud system for trust isues" f forced Biu 5 to sell theatres to cew ownersLIBERAL x Movies Edweord Muybridge i landscape photographer by using fust eime fast shutter discovered method to stopaction in still Pictures George Eustman Kodak Thos goes into camera quickly invented flexable thin sin Thounas Edison: workable camera, held podents for equipment they made films a William Dixon : of First film makers Holywood drew film makers to LAHOL wood to get aucuy from pasens gangete se sunny weather. 2 movie made. SuuawMont. directed by Cecil B DeMille sono stati C The di eas Tajn hobbery : directed by Edwin S. Porter * first film to use modern filming techniques 27 tells a stocy P. "Bicin ofa Nasion: diselno by vw ciffith (fond of Ging 1 block ostety first to Peotuce outdoor scenes * Celuling of Civil War from Book The Clanspran ^ Gowe perspective of Josin side to entice Us.

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