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GSU - PSYC 1101 - intro to psych midterm - Study Guide

Created by: Ashley Elite Notetaker

> > > > GSU - PSYC 1101 - intro to psych midterm - Study Guide

GSU - PSYC 1101 - intro to psych midterm - Study Guide

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School: Georgia State University
Department: OTHER
Course: Intro to General Psychology
Professor: Herring
Term: Spring 2017
Name: intro to psych midterm
Description: exam 2 study guide
Uploaded: 03/05/2018
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Unformatted text preview: AW Sensory memory working/ Short-term - memori Long-term Storage Retrtcual From long-tum memory The senses mome TAMIY -A few items are register amazing detal , some ITEMS both noticed and are alturtd some things encoaed Oriost get retratura, some don't INTERFERENCE - Proactiuu Foruuaurd -acting Retroactive: backward-acting McMory conSTRUCTng errors reconsolidation altered before being stored again Misiocormation errecs: Misleading coformation "Imagination erre lr : Fake actions/euents -Source amnesia- nelps explain deja vu FAIS E Memories Deja Vu Haral to separate from rcal memones CHIST or the memory, instcad of detailsNeueal leue, CHANGE senanges occur in natural connections ns synaps es became mort erficicn+, so po Inc neurolu NCTWO Ks - long-term poremnanan CLIP) Physical basis of memory memans processing AUTOMATIC EFFORTU Melicat memories (NOODECLARATIVES WNIO CONSCIOUS cenu EXPLICIT memCICS DECICLotarea cmsccus all Processed in cercloellum and casal ganglia processed in hippocampus and frontal lobes campus S time UCCE For you dinni Tur dou) Keraturedgu experrenda Motor ana as. cognitive Stills consumat Trgoing able Semantic memary- tacticos co Episodic dengt's office Facts and general evenis cfamily CANIS Cropter's concepts noudays) RETINTion .Recaul Ft-in-the-blank "recognition multiple choice "Reteaming eeurawing material HOU DO we retete A Memory?? *RETRICVAI CUCS - Importance or CONSISTENT CONTEXT -Importance of CONEIST COT mood - serial position erreCA: First, last rememloertd best Paming HOW DO WE FoenicT?? Encoding raiturc * Storage decay -memory trace * petereuae railure * MotivaTICO? Repression?84 The spacing errect? DISTRIBUTED STVOJ OT PRACTICE UTID RETTER Long-TERM CENTO as The TESTOg Errect? memord is ennanced io s rctneung ioro av EXPLICIT MEMOTS SYSTEM 3 *INC HIEPOCAMPUS CFACTS/Episanes) - Semantic cfacts) - Episodic cepisodes) * FROOTAI LOCS -memors conSou Qatan - right + LEFT LOGES STORE Apferunt info. - SLEEP an. Implicit memors system ? Cercetuum - IPO TANT TO Forming and strong memanco ercated by ciassical conclitionng *BAGAI CAN QILA - ImpormNT TO Forming memories For Physical SEIS . THE AMagdala - emamans / memory -excitemen/ &TASS BOOSTS ACTIVITY LO Inc Graucis memoro-forming areas - Flashbulb memorrcs

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