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FSU - CLP 4143 - Class Notes - Week 9

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FSU - CLP 4143 - Class Notes - Week 9

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background image Generalized Anxiety Disorder o A. Excessive anxiety and worry about many different subjects  most days for at least 6 months What do people with GAD worry about? 1. Family 2. Money 3. Work  4. Illness o B. Worry is difficult to control How does GAD differ from normative worry? Worry time is a lot longer o C. Associated with 3+ of the following symptoms: Restlessness/feeling keyed up Easily fatigued Difficulty concentrating  Irritability Muscle tension Sleep disturbances o D. Clinically significant distress or impairment
o E. Not better accounted for by another condition. 
Prevalence of GAD o Lifetime: 5.7%
o Past year: 3.1%
o Gender: Twice as common in women than men
o Ethnicity: Most common among White Americans
o Age: Most common in those 45+
Concerns about failing health Anxious about lack of control  Worried about gradual loss of meaningful functions Course of GAD o Onset More gradual onset than other anxiety disorders Some report onset in early adulthood (median age of onset
= 31) in response to life stressor
o Chronic, but has fluctuating symptoms Often worse during times of stress.  Causes of Generalized Anxiety Disorder o Biological Factors Heritability Generalized biological vulnerability to anxiety 
(particularly anxiety sensitivity)
GABA Deficiency o Psychological Factors
background image High threat sensitivity Allocation of attention more readily to sources of 
Overestimate likelihood and cost of aversive 
Underestimate ability to cope with outcomes Worry prevents: Habituation to negative emotions Consideration of coping mechanisms Contrast avoidance Constant low-level worry helps people avoid sudden 
sharp increases in negative emotions 
GAD maintained through cognitive and behavioral 
o Social Factors Stressful life events Make individuals apprehensive and vigilant toward 
future threats
Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatments o Biological Treatments Benzodiazepines (ex. Xanax) Short-term relief Very addictive, many side effects Antidepressants SSRIs: Paxil reduces anxiety better than 
Tricyclics: (ex. Tofranil) SNRIs: (ex. Effexor) reduce anxiety and worry o Psychological Treatments Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Cognitive restructuring  o Self-monitor worrying
o Identify and challenge negative automatic 
thoughts Behavioral exercises o Engage in imaginal worry exposures
o Relaxation and breathing training. 
Worry time o If you can’t help but worry, then schedule a  time and place for worrying. This way it won’t 
interfere with other aspects of your life. 
Worry exposures Mindfulness/Relaxation Training

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School: Florida State University
Department: OTHER
Course: Abnormal Psychology
Professor: Natalie Sachs-Ericsson
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: Psychology
Name: Weekly notes
Description: These notes cover the powerpoint that we went over in class this week.
Uploaded: 03/10/2018
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