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University of Central Florida - woh 2012 - Class Notes - Week 8

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> > > > University of Central Florida - woh 2012 - Class Notes - Week 8

University of Central Florida - woh 2012 - Class Notes - Week 8

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School: University of Central Florida
Department: woh
Course: World History
Professor: Garcia
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: world and history
Name: week 8- chapter 25 lecture notes
Description: - includes vocabulary -- highlighted key terms --- everything to know about imperialism
Uploaded: 03/11/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 25 lecture notes Julia Shepherd (Land Empires in the Age of Imperialism) 1.0toman Empire a Egypt +Napoleonic Example Muhammad Al took aer after French, Mamluk, * OHomon goeincnts failed Vocab 'paid for refosms by confiscating land from Muslim feligious institutions event b)Otoman Reform person Sultan Selim II did reforms to create Euro style military units, Control provincial goveMors, Standardiz e taxes+land teature did Not pass laws to protect waren Kids the upset the Anissaries (reast fefama), noblemen tulomaffear of secularization of lawttacc) | anissasies revolted + Serbian pearsants helped put them down Shows How weak empite is Serbia became independent in 2005 because of threat of Russian intervention Tefarms cause revelts+ Selim was Kiled (zeeKs + allies fight the Ohhonans Greek Civil War Creek wo of Jaderendenca - Gre eKs become independent, Supported by Russia bolitain France they felt civilization Accomphed Russian, British, French fleets de enkle Ciloman fleets Sultan Mahmud I felt his shwer, Moinary incenneteade So he made naulamy + climinated jan sasies, broke Pover of religious clie-LANZIMATI COLICO) the created antw ottillery unt+ bombed the joissaires the Tanzimat called for public tri gls equal protection under the law French became professional language *Cadets sont to emany France to train all the fefarms were for men + women's rights deurewed II.Crimean War + Aftermath. Russian expanse Southward sparked a wac w/OHomans +theic Fronte allies Kussians were exploiting Oldman Weokness Russians lust, discredited + chaired Blitan France use Propaganda to overstate their roles first modem war | Ottomans began to strai cture themselves on zwo models Worried if there were equal voting rights then if wouldn't be an Islamic stotel BitisV.Misc. Ran - Slavia doctrine advocated unity of all Slams by Military Meons Chinese (esent EuroS + Americans due to their growing Pop, +Terivledges secular *Young OHumans worked for non-religious Startes sw liberal ideas, of luenced by Hom mohonals + Modern Islam views, cansh tuhan in 1976 IL Russian Empire Simostly fusak wantedl do botike Eurofcared political change closer to Euro than Asia Russia is backwards which is woeducated to KUSDA Euro De L'ackoswedged poricotial power mioduded it among the great powers of Europi hussia expanded Sath twist mt) Copflicts w/ China, Japankantoren Russia Ha a "Construction of Avdikkad relied on Euro expo ts Asia viewed industrialization wl limited noterest + prefer ho impat goods AleknadeI died perempuot koudhvas people kuing ho sulcted as cefirms by the I-roads, freed the serfs, Peo_sciente cultural educ ab eo, tmedenze legal reductional systems Changes Crimean bom loss out burukens in Russia Russian inlellectuals fluuished Alexa I expanded fefe musicians- lalistov S K IN ly. Ang Empire Conqueted a 1600s, population gable environmental damage 90w Oiled 'Empty Measurys Stagnant et nocy Birds upset abrud botoace d trade Opium War-hied to stop pin kode, bus stati nawy, BANN KMEN (@Espere) Britich od jantage - gunboots war defentled to attenky d. Nak bitish residents given extraternitcaity Hong Kong be cone Baitsh t aitay Botion open 5 treoty ports on me 24 million Sz: Silver to Englan geloping Rebellion-storted by Christians, Heavenly Kungdom of feocei, furniker Social una finess - fueign intusion led to id 20-30 million died s helped by 2nd Liofan + Buitidh French the Qing won : World's bodist columlu woolf Goog in dent (Bus French helped wj reorganization zeng lock t the V. s. fer a Nodej, ing biore to reacas d Crules dont oppi ja Hol rer)

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