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MU / History / HST 296 / what are the three themes that could be argued as single most importan

what are the three themes that could be argued as single most importan

what are the three themes that could be argued as single most importan


School: Miami University
Department: History
Course: History After 1945
Professor: Erikjensen
Term: Fall 2016
Cost: 50
Name: HST 296 Study Guide Ch. 1-13
Description: This study guide is meant to be filled out as you follow along with our class lectures! I’ve included the corresponding assigned chapters in our textbook as well.
Uploaded: 03/11/2018
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what are the three themes that could be argued as single most important event since 1945?

HST 296 1/31

*Midterm Study Guide : 3/15 or 3/16 * History Is Understanding Contexts (Chil)


· Context:definition + example

• Russia v. Ukraine: significance 7 views on actions

by Russia & rest of world how they differ.

· Russian motivations post WWII : what happened t

how it shaped future actions + why it divided

East + West Europe Vladimir Putin: personal history + how it affected

the way he governs as a world leader Behavior's + perspectives : Stalin's impact on

future Russian motivations + how the '05 viewed them; significance overall | Visions of a post-war world (Ch.2+3)

· Women: during rafter war occupations + significance

in social change

· Submerged history via technology: inventions

+ longterm effects on society history Dialectical process: definitiod + significance;

what are the three goals of allies in regards to Germany?

key players + their contribution to theory Reynolds ♡. Other historians: why Reynolds

emphasized importance of 1945°as an agent of change Independence + Its Discontents (ch.2+3) 3 themes that could be arqued as single most important event since 1945: Identify + expand on significance of each (ie tech, usv. Russia + State building)


- Indian Independence: process, key players + roles, If you want to learn more check out tulane chant

results (positive + negative) + impact on Botish

Imperial rule 3 reasons why they partitioned + why it was_

so violent





Old Nations

(Ch. 4-46)

18 goals of allies in regards to Germany: Identity

+ reasons they were goals to begin with 3 concerns, of 'allies in regards to Germany :

Identify t explain issues Mobstacles with each 2 divisions that emerged : between which allies It reasons behind their stance

what are the three concerns of allies in regards to Germany?

East v. West Germany: Oniginal intentions + Lwhich sides aligned politically with which allies

Jewish relocation : 'why it was necessary, where they wished to go, & issues that arose because of location & why they wanted to go

there instead of Europe; motivations of becoming

the majority & what that meant for them Arab states how + why they reacted the ' I way they did to refugees key Concern Today ramifications of a state

solution + how it has affected the Palestinians


China's Communist Revolution


Role in WWII : figures + how it shaped them later Don't forget about the age old question of penn state sociology

via motivations + political system Civil War: key players & results Communism: why it became "attractive option."

+ who it specifically appealed to

Mao Zedong: his unique views on communism, what he does when first in power & plan of utopia Social Issues: issues addressed + how they were addressed – results of intervention o Campaigns: Identify + describe the 4 campaigns

+ their results_lie Great Leap Forward etc) 2/19 Hot Wars & Cold Ones (Ch. 7+8)

. Cold war v. THE Cold War: definitions + differences

• Marshall Plan Conference: what it was, what I happened why significant Berlin Blockade: what it was, why it happened +

how was it resolved Juhat were ramifications Korea post WWII : who occupied them + what

allies did with the Korean peninsular why

• Kim Il-Sung; who he was what he wanted

Lhow he went about doing so

· Korean War: key players, why it happened Don't forget about the age old question of which of the following statements is correct regarding internal control

tits consequences on a global scale 2/21 Apostle of The Revolution (ch. 7+8)... Don't forget about the age old question of anth 3006 class notes

Fidel Castro : who he was, why he was important,

7 how he rose to power; initial teventual allies

· Ally Change: what caused initial allies to turn

+ why; who leaves Cuba + where do they go .us/ Ceba Relations : how tense they were + why L a instances : Identify + describe results in

Lie Bay of Pigs & Cuban Missie Crisis) Castro's policies what he instituted + how he

was able to do so (ie Charisma); how he

supported global communism + who was lary of these why

__2/26 Demographics + History (ch. 9-11)

Demographics : definition significance (historically)

• Differences in population composition : what they are

+ how countrie's have responded to them

(ie population crisis in Germany + China) 2/28 Sexuality & History (ch. 9-11)

• General social survey v. Jon Birger what each

found thought about frequency of sexual activity it why it happened (was important/significanto

• History of sexuality: why it matters, what it

reveals & contexts in which to view it We also discuss several other topics like tulane university accounts receivable

· 3 ways Society, regulates sexual behavior + why/how

· Global de-regulation Trevolution : what changed, hoù.

it changed + whiy (ie public desire v. law liberalization )

• Gay Rights where it started + how it changed laws

how it acted as agent of division 3/5 Holocaust Speaker: Harry Herman 3/7 The winds of Change (Ch. 12 +13) We also discuss several other topics like sociology chapter 2

African decolonization. why it happened + how;__;

what preceded it . 3 case studies: key players + nature of each; what happened + how was it resolved; what were the results Iconsequences ie_French West Africa, Kenya, + Algeria -- which were peaceful ruhich violent

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