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PHYS 122 - Class Notes - Week 7

Created by: Kayleigh Kinnelly Elite Notetaker

PHYS 122 - Class Notes - Week 7

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School: University of Maryland - College Park
Department: Physics
Course: Fundamentals of Physics II
Professor: Shabnam Jabeen
Term: Spring 2018
Tags: Physics, Ohms-law, Circuits, resistors, and currents
Name: PHYS122 Week 7 Notes
Description: Notes for lectures during week 7 including Ohm's Law, resistors, currents, and circuits
Uploaded: 03/12/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Lectuxell 2 - 1 Cuarent a Resistance i=dor olt 1 otat. 1,+1, - patio. D Escoca - otru ngint Ji tonu ngat _ A speed is the more direction of current cl.e.,totum right) IMPORTANT EQUATONUS - ond's Law: FV=AR R-resistence (proputy of wire) LRvli vilts for resistance - A Hur relationships only hold true woner toukro about KCSISEOIS AJA N'Er Aurefore EL - JAR L ver just substituting length () for rodius E-SART >t shyt (p) therefore E.Jp condictmt, (o) tu nint conductivity the loven na vesh vit, l via verso (p= l = 1)IMPORTANT EQ UATIONS CONTINUED E JJ & J-SE 1' OEA R= PL A P:i: : Example mu voies are idurtical nooitenes (votogp one idu hical (ms only thing heat, chanos USE NEAR Ia > I..Id Example Metal E for 1 ampere M> E for 1 ampere in MA Metal 2 Study corotout O EA constant bicove dionustex 1 amp o, O rcfore 254 inorder for everythag *Mto use a nosa great corduchy to remoun equosExample NITE 2 ouxe modu of so tou N. x2 diomie 2E compared to , , find ili, *thur Louxe multiple ways to solve mois. CiU is IS JUSE out 1. = 72 E, A, D A-T- E2 EX2 X A = IT (art. 4 Ir? *Inu otguuL couo too it: 1. EAO Circuts urcit components Bachery Wire Resistor Bulbo Junction Capacitor Shy. Switch Study Example nhich circuut is different? (d) (C) cannot Olt to O terminol without oping throuon Resistor COD coco utor * bom erds of H use qul not conculcted dutchy to eoch term rol of trs too hegt-

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