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Carleton University - ARTH 1201 - Class Notes - Week 8

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Carleton University - ARTH 1201 - Class Notes - Week 8

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background image History Theory Week 8 Industrialism and its Discontents o Industrial revolution Mingling of classes o Train and telegraph makes world smaller/more connected o Panopticon Architect: Jeremy Bentham 1791. English royal Saltworks To talk about power relations Ideal prison rationalized planning Self discipline, don’t know if being watched o Cotton manufacturer (processed in England) Driving force of industrialism o Industrialization England = centre of industrialism Access to coal
Steam engine, mechanizing productions
Iron = cast & wrought iron Industrialized economy (BANKS) Government relies on banks to pay for war o Iron bridge 5 parallel arches Utilitarian o North Mill, Belper, UK Architect: William Strutt 1804 Used to be susceptible to fire, not made of iron
 = protect profits
Segmental brick arches, iron tie rods School room for worker’s children
 = centre of community
o Bank of England, London, UK Architect: John Soane 1788-1833 Stone is idiosyncratic, architect trained in Rome Replace wood & plaster with domes Tivoli corner Roman elements
Channeled masonry, niches, no windows (security for banks)
Plan = complex
background image Stock office Like bathhouse
Linear, emphasized space
Demolished in 1920s to grow the building Imagined as ruins Connection to Rome (equal to or greater than Rome) o The Royal Pavilion, Brighton, UK Architect: John Nash 1818-21 Mix of orientalist architecture (Indian & Islamic), eclecticism Pleasure palace New materials Sheet iron roof
Cast iron
Interior = Frederick Crace Fueled by gas (lights)
Appropriating exotic
Paint iron to look like bamboos (later was a source of critique)
o Palm House, Kew Gardens, London, UK Architect: Decimus Burton and Richard Turner 1845- 47 Greenhouse hot house Iron and glass Example of gathering & studying resources of empire Turner = Iron maker 1845 – no more tax on glass, iron and coal prices drop o Crystal Palace, London, UK Architect: Joseph Paxton 1851 Prefabricated construction  could be complete on time For world fair Built around pre-existing trees o Bibliothèque Ste.-Geneviève, Paris, France Architect: Henri Labrouste 1842-50. Facade refers to San Francesco Light Elevated to protect from water Names of the authors of the books on the façade Architecture that speaks to its function Neo-classicism, neo-greco Lamps Enlightenment, gas lights Interior 2

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School: Carleton University
Department: OTHER
Course: History and Theory of Architecture 2: 1600 to Present
Professor: Michael Windover
Term: Spring 2018
Tags: history, and, Theory, Of, Architecture, week, and 8
Name: History Notes Week 8
Description: These notes cover everything from the lecture for week 8 (lecture after the midterm).
Uploaded: 03/12/2018
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