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MEDA 254 - Class Notes - Week 1

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MEDA 254 - Class Notes - Week 1

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background image Exam Review 1   
True/ False Questions 
● The best response when dealing with an angry patients is  NOT​ to escort them out of the  office and reschedule their appointment   ● To demonstrate caring to a patient that is sitting in an examining room chair, the medical  assistant should  NOT​ remain standing while talking to the patient    
Multiple Choice Questions
● RELIEF ​ is not a common reaction to a terminal illness  ● If the patient asks for a medical assistants personal number, and the medical assistant  calmly answers that she does not give her telephone number out to patients, the medical 
assistant is demonstrating 
ASSERTIVE MAINTENANCE OF SELF BOUNDARIES   ● A  SUSCEPTIBLE HOST​ is a name given to a person who cannot fight off a pathogen  that has entered his or her body   ● PINWORMS  ​are an example of microorganisms  ● When a medical assistant asks questions such as: “Describe your pain for me. What has  been going on with you since you were last here? How has your appetite been? All of 
these question are referred to as 
OPEN QUESTIONS  ● BODY LANGUAGE  ​is the use of arm gestures, facial expressions, and turning one's  head  ● Ego defence mechanisms serve to  PROTECT AGAINST BEING OVERWHELMED  WITH PAINFUL FEELINGS  ● Medical assistants use closed questions when  LOOKING FOR A ONE WORD  SHORT ANSWER    ● The term for an infection that results from a defective immune system that cannot defend  itself from pathogens normally found in the environment is  OPPORTUNISTIC   ● A  COTTON-TIPPED APPLICATOR ​is not a sharp  ● A medical assistant is considered to be  ASSERTIVE ​if they state their opinion clearly  without violating the rights of others  ● ONLY REACH INTO A SHARPS CONTAINER WITH A GLOVE HAND  ​is a  violation of OSHA standard with respect to biohazard sharps container   ● ACIDIC ENVIRONMENT  ​is not a growth requirement for microorganisms   ● Medical assistants are encouraged to avoid aggressive communication because  IT  IMPULSES THAT THE SPEAKER’S OPINION ARE MORE IMPORTANT 
● Cilia remove pathogens from the body by  CONSTANTLY BEATING TOWARD THE  OUTSIDE  ● PAIN  ​is an internal factor that can interfere with communication  

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School: Davenport University
Department: OTHER
Course: Clinical Patient Care
Professor: James Allore
Term: Spring 2018
Tags: medical
Name: MEDA 254, Week 1 Study Guide
Description: Covers the questions on the test
Uploaded: 03/12/2018
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