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UCD - SAS 13 - Class Notes - Week 7 Notes Feb 23

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> > > > UCD - SAS 13 - Class Notes - Week 7 Notes Feb 23

UCD - SAS 13 - Class Notes - Week 7 Notes Feb 23

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School: University of California - Davis
Department: SAS
Course: Disease and Society
Professor: Sara Dye
Term: Winter 2018
Tags: history and disease
Name: Week 7 Notes Feb 23
Description: Diseases through history
Uploaded: 03/12/2018
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Unformatted text preview: SAS 16 Lecture votre February 23, 208 ofseases in doctors - oei, tha weman body found in the Ales from the Bronte Age discovered through JIRI - arthritis due to physical f'festyle . had "Tattoos" over joints, suggesting acupuncture - ringworm - beau's Wings . novutontal lines on nails Suggesting 3 serious illnesses in Como before death - Stere birch fungus in him Suggestira a form of medical treatmunt - disease in pre-agricultural times trama from hunting malnut ition / Starvation - prehistoric doctors Shaman or medicine man - mediator between human and spiritual (or animall worlds - passed skills down orally - oractices ask for help from spirits - drumming, singing - psychoactive plants healing herbs .earth, Clay, ochers tt trepenation - drilled holes into skull in order to releaje bad sprits - early agriculture- > att large amounts of ge grain * non-defficiency anemia - low fron diet - low absorbtion of iron - more teeth decay than hunter lgatherers early forms of dentistry - domestication of animals pegun with dogs 10,000 years ago - used for companionship and herding Spread of toonotic diseases - most major diseases began - from fripes to cines increased and more constant food Supply Shortened birth intervals - Priest physicians in Ancient Egypt mediato is between patients and Sekhmot (providers of cures * methods - use of spells - observation and diagnosis mummification helped gaio and understanding of human anatomy - saved all orojans except for brain wrote medical treatments on popyrus -anatomical understanding - Hebrew medicine doctors drawn from priestly Levitripe also counselor and teacher - highly Vespected because they were vespected . rules of hygine - M ses the Microbiologist interpreted quotes i forun by Moseswound, skin, and discharge precautions waste disposal allinterpreted isolation from Moses C. burial precations food and drinking water safety - The Greeks Asclepius - god of medicino - holds an aselerian, the current Symbol for the prachce of medicine infection with worms was very Common - thy would pull the worm out around a sjake Confused with coduceus - only associated with Hermes healing tem pues (SC le pieions) - used op loias totreat pain crowd diseases - Close social contact - proximity to humap and animal waste - Overpopulation because Athens was surrounded by city wall Placjue of Athens - Writen ve word su causes Suspicion of ebola Hippocrates - wrote many documents about treatments of diseases - may have written Hippocratic path (oath that all doctors takey ideal conduct for the physician - School of Medicine

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