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UB - NTR 108 - Class Notes - Week 6

Created by: Gabrielle Rodriguez-Asher Elite Notetaker

UB - NTR 108 - Class Notes - Week 6

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School: University at Buffalo
Department: Nutrition and Food Sciences
Course: Nutrition
Professor: J Temple
Term: Summer 2015
Name: NTR Week 6 Notes
Description: Material for exam 2
Uploaded: 03/15/2018
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Unformatted text preview: os on digeshoiry of diges non mesriy. b. Output B. Unne Correado o njoke and quality 3. Insensible (DSSES Cnet very common *ski najis hainsweat, and others c. Need || 1. Maiknende seo entory vs achue- a. Pregnancy 3. Lacloban 4. Crown a. inrency b. childhood C. adolescence 5. Excise a. endurance cardiovascular b. weigni tuining C. Divas a injury, Ceng. bura). 6. ilimss Ce.g. cances SISUSTUSTEST poste 'N balone Ninnyen baldia (Bung Un us ensiuni consuming mere nun enrek - O N bu lante SHUNUA HIN = ON bulanco CONSUMPTon= exosenco - bulonced Protein Bequutmo (BDA) 6. Based on a. A ult: 0.89 porcin a Kg boy weigniloay - aveay less cf ( vyen pous day - calcularun of ni muen polin is requind to Copace N LOSSES - on tein quality3.S N gen excremeno a. Loss of angen in 1. Fuces 2. skin, hain nails 5. Unnelurea) b. eness nimoges Coming group) 1. synthesized into uea in the fue is unspeto ho The Kidney and cont in the uong a. ure A Study Soup 11000000194 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 EN EL ENCUCI CO CI CIMDI Protein Aequrmet 1. based on balone = jntgenius cu tayl a inta ke Cinro The do oy and used 1.Samant de pro - bens usage wnen lower Cho a point. - poorer usug e anco nign (used ac meyy). 2.) Poringugi ryt rating tre proteins -digestibility efror quality -amino acid content Olhornike s protein quatry amino acid score based on me omanit Of Ire EAA i The lowest popultiun - terms associatrd W potin quality * Compleke potins - all can in the opnmai cunos Incemplete pro tahs Missing of having a low omt of one or more EAAS * Ccmplinerary potins - IWO porcins har hone y hish amt of the EAA That is low. The cler Cumbinahan ok tre pruiting dead to a high quality potein inture Animal vs dont prsteins Fligh lideal 99 quinoa uery good milk/megi legume (yooo) Poor gclano gums (fain)VUUDUSA I. RNA acts as a messenger (carries generic information Fium DNA. To Site Cf preinsyntesis labosome)). 6. RNA translated inro protein i luis amino acids in correct order Primary shCMC : sequence of amino acios Secondon shucfure : coiling of amino acids ternary aucture : 3D coiling. terminos Puchon of protis quakemory: very tarye polypeptides Protein is an essengi num' et av amino acids 1. Essenhal omino acids (EAA) 9 EAA Cannot be nade by me body must be included so diel to maintain op mul poetin sharu s - Provide a suure of nitoyen for my cumpaunds - can be used as an energy source a. Non-Essenna amino acids (NCAA) || EAA -am ino acids mat ne body is able to make fun omnes Substinues in The ones povide a soune of oiyen Por other compands - con be used as an eneyy sauna Funchons of proteins 1. Sructural a. CWM 3. Mainknance ano repair of body issues 4. Energy oppy IP a, 4 Kcals Igran 6. secondary role 5. Hormone Poducho a. Insulim Gluc ag on CUG SEceho

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