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UA - MATH 105 - Class Notes - Week 9

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> > > > UA - MATH 105 - Class Notes - Week 9

UA - MATH 105 - Class Notes - Week 9

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School: University of Arizona
Department: Engineering
Course: Math In A Modern Society
Professor: Debra Wood
Term: Fall 2017
Tags: standard deviation
Name: Math 105
Description: Ch.15 Standard Deviation Frequency and percentile Mode Median Range Numerical Data Box plot
Uploaded: 03/15/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Ch. 5 Desaiphire Stalishes Test on Ch 14 5 Median or above the score or equal 507. below he score or equal middle value of the data Must order. De data fiom smales/ * argest Laverage som d e data som 4 tesis 4 d. The dala Pletes ex. Avevage olunca tests 18. What Soove on test 5 h 78 = T, T2 T3 T4 80 - 7 T2 T3 T4 T5 order to get a B? (802 5 . = 312 80-3 12 s Frequency Jade dcore 50 60 25 400 312-T6 = 82 88 = 15 s. median: average : (28) 56(82)H15Q5E1200) 25 4.55 17.5 > IR 35 Jocahors 18TH place tould be 85 2935 23.26 35 Counded 2decimal places What would be the mechian for tns? Spread the data may-min : Range bo -50 - 50Standad Dematon: measures how fu pe data os fion he avoage. Steps: And the aveloge menn tale tue du oraibe of ithe a. Data Valve - aveage Squave ench velve flom step al take the avenge of the value fund in step 3Varance) Ftake the square Joct the valve found in step 4 (SD) Data Laverage DV avevoge? SS333 ca - 6 - 2 C -448 - TIL SOS -04: 04 - 14: O 4 - 4Lo LOT 66. 64. a titir Step 5 Wyayonces Step 4 (add up ste p 32/dvde a ofal Valves Step 5 vayance Taiva 1.4 Ela decimal places Don'Yound lonhill last Step! | avelage d 83% LIJ ona Quiz 4 SD o. - genyorle got a 80 node- Most frequent (seen5-mpmary summary Numerical Data (box plol) Fmedjan mir Max Pt quartile las (as%) and postk. 34 quartile (isis Recap: made most freqvent solve ranges is prox- min median: 50% of the Scoves are far below this salve 50% o fix. Saves are = or above mes valve and quartle 50% pexcerttile 902 percenhle 90% score are belads to the Valve 10% of the Score are above or to the value Lj2. Percentile 172 otho score are below or = to ths late 987. of the sore are above or to h's Leve used to Compave How to End the Valve de Percenble ? Mechan: Son p. 50 = locobond the valve I f the location is a clec mal round up to live locahon if the location s a whole homker mula d. + d +L Valve a Formvig

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