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ASU / Sociology / SOC 101 / jane elliot study

jane elliot study

jane elliot study


School: Arizona State University
Department: Sociology
Course: Introductory Sociology
Professor: Jennifer m brougham
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: Introd to Soc, Introduction to Sociology, sociology, soc101, socialmobility, Globalstratification, industrialization, Colonialism, Multinational Corporations, worldsystemtheory, Dependencytheory, janeelliot, poverty, race, ethnicity, majoritygroup, and MINORITYGROUPS
Cost: 25
Name: Sociology 101: Week 7 Notes
Description: These notes cover the topics of: -Social Mobility -Global Stratification -Industrialization -Colonialism -Multinational Corporations -World System Theory&Dependency Theory -Jane Elliot Brown Eye Blue Eye Video -Politics and Globalization -Cultural Globalization -Culture of Poverty -Racial and Ethnic Minorities -Social Significance of Race -Majority/ Minority Groups
Uploaded: 03/15/2018
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