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UA - PHYS 141 - Class Notes - Week 8

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> > > > UA - PHYS 141 - Class Notes - Week 8

UA - PHYS 141 - Class Notes - Week 8

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School: University of Arizona
Department: Physics
Course: Introduction to Mechanics
Professor: Charles Wolgemuth
Term: Fall 2017
Tags: Energy and momentum
Name: PHYS 141- Week of Feb. 28th
Description: Energy, Energy Diagrams, Momentum
Uploaded: 03/17/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Feb.28 Pova Energy TE - Eners Theorem : K - Binys Works Ceven Confervation of hers Thoren: K- UE content Dni wo KSW conservative Fortnum ) When askeala , t, F > Newton's Louis or in cmentics Wher asksel. position, velocitac.S 5> Shess methods V. Hon high must a ball start to move it around a loup-de-loop? Conditions Velocity @top of loop is. O X 'Not correct because @-the top. The SEE only Fories would be clown - Fait Com okitions Dermal forle top of isopis - Bart Tooses contact the track hth Some Cong ) Free body Diam *As the top of the track Ulpu fur Circular Mutiun Imax a= t/ EFS=MOS n+mg m *NO Fiction u @top no DE ()) => Verzor nI Z... Ki - U; Ekraus y moh = arvi) + Mg(OR) shah = ir (ar) gikar) h = 2 r + gar2 n Var + 2r - Var shding object Wlo frictionEnergy Diagrams Alrays Potential Eners (U. VS. position ) K = a. mva (velouis positive U =D or (based on postin) L FELU = oro ostal * Energy total Max U is con star the hole-rie Tu(x) Nmax Kirctic Interotomic Furics Egipri um Ue-U; = su=-w= - S. F( x L, duldx = -F(x) The curvative DF the potential energy is line negative force. Equilibrium ZFXO dudr- 1. Soble - minimum 2. Unstable - Maximum 3. Neutral - horizontal infiction pointMarch 2008 Norventum Corkertoo of Momentum ICTA FE Fans System AB Constant Famo FanMan emai - reis Nemunis 2 Madame Lala ) Vat (m 0orm Momentum :p-mi (vector quarrtite * Nat insed on fuction locLt + fue erual Rosite futionu ramermum (p) - Momentum conservation only applies when there is no external Forces on the system 4.mie - 'D' ? Feyen = 0 Psydum con asko 5.5mI. Ep.syem * constantem *** (95) (4.1) +6 (95 )V. System Epsystems MO - Finans = (s)(5.3) :O (455) Dy

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