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UA - PHYS 141 - Class Notes - Week 9

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> > > > UA - PHYS 141 - Class Notes - Week 9

UA - PHYS 141 - Class Notes - Week 9

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School: University of Arizona
Department: Physics
Course: Introduction to Mechanics
Professor: Charles Wolgemuth
Term: Fall 2017
Tags: conservation of linear momentum and totally inelastic collisions
Name: PHYS 141- Week of March 14th
Description: Conservation of Momentum, Inelastic and Elastic Collisions
Uploaded: 03/17/2018
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Unformatted text preview: March | 2018 Mumentum Net = m m duldt dat (mdFra IF Frar, ext = 0, Teen Psy Internal forces con el Conservidor Conperveyor Energy Kinetic Eners + Fotcntial Encrsarum then sieme = constant IF Friction present than E= NE Calato F10 Find the Final V, VER Y collision ---Sicm Durssi - Gratis - N a momerrium constori Troushoust No Friction Esyon = CONSTANT kro NLV no non conservative Forces Momentum Con sur votion. Before EA Face M (V.) - (Usa ) = ( m e - (2m () Eners Conseca z m( vt antal + 0 = Uzma) 2 (2 .0 - amer spring rounds Pee +2 ve Vaa Vavel plug ito energy fauortion Yerever = 'zo va X V = (V.- 2 VA). + 2. Vg2 yos - Yt + love -4V 6 V 2/3 V 1the rent Ve = V.- 2 (43V + ven's Volh the leftCcretinued... 1. Find the mox compression during the collisis Enersati-the besinins (Kirtie n a istovati mtu Kinetic patria Nhen the sens compressed E conserua: Izmy,' = > (3mvee V ., P consenusel: (Vo) 30 (ne Vesov. e prv, (34Vre)- kr mar - - V. InesTICLosios 2. Find the fine) Vas There is Fiction e Smer afer Collision ALWAYS means energy m) V. -(3m (VAC) = e = 'Vo Conserved Why is cncrs . (un served ? L: = /2 mg enersy Tost ! kr 2 (m / my L Pris USE momentum conservation for pelastic CUN) SIDO problems emendum ncsconservation are for elastic collisionsMarcelo Conservativ of Marustum Still on Friday. Covers Ch ? nelastic Conservation of Momentum - Enersy A Moss Sonny phe Yome ( Some oss free ouverture troy ( ort in thlon CON restors There are cernal Forces of trave on-line de furt cu rece *To solve breaktoro parts i frem start to rent F I C muncrtum is served From he bottom of some Top energy conserved la Consions Ae GRTV Parto = constant Pica Ferrol m. rator = 2y v V = 72. v. = Le '2 (2m)Cavit = aanval i) Ana ( 2 up ramp (max heimi KRAV Fule Lwoy hard KU: = ke-Up n="747 - sington = 'Zamog - Bergh + You can use conservation i cursar S if diena

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