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UT - Psyc 360 - Class Notes - Week 9

Created by: Savannah Sumatra Elite Notetaker

Schools > University of Tennessee - Knoxville > OTHER > Psyc 360 > UT - Psyc 360 - Class Notes - Week 9

UT - Psyc 360 - Class Notes - Week 9

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School: University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Department: OTHER
Course: social psychology
Professor: garriy shteynberg
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: Psychology
Name: Psychology 360; Week 9 Notes
Description: Chapter 6: Justifying our Actions Heaven's Gate Cult Theory of Cognitive Dissonance -reducing dissonance Self-Affirmation Rationalizing Behavior Postdecision dissonance Internal Justification
Uploaded: 03/19/2018
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Unformatted text preview: * nus CTN NE ulli II Chapter 6: Need to Justify our WTOPIL V6 Actions 2- Hedven't att (un * believed that a pace ship kas timing hi transport them *heeded to hid Sthyer of "(Uncat Cintamat (onn body) * spaceshp failed to appear thind Hale-Bopp (omet continued with plant anyway mafi fuide ' exhone cxample of need to jushly achons Maintaining a sigble, Positive Self-imago . As humant, it ihre ho mainiain a favorable view of Duy felves ' (bninled w/un favorable view of Self expenince discomfort Theory 01 (ognitive Dissonance feeling of dis amhrt cau ed by perhiming an athin that Tune cuiniert int'l (ulhmary (typically po ihye) Conception of Inegol - (Om paying actual self to ideal clf i s important and proyggah ye social psychological theon threats to ftif-imagc * Induced pektiful, u prethng diseinander . Hoyi houeduct dissthante 1. Change behavior 1. Qurfily behavior by changing int f the dau daat ognitione ken . jushly behav 101 by adding new Cogni hong (self-affit mahon) Self Affirmation 'botnler the self conteyt ereduring dissonance by adding a cogmihin about other positive alt bulee1. Smoker Kho fair to quit "NOT ychy f'mart of ine h be i'makin g, but I'm a really goed maihe mahaian!" * Impaui bio tendeng hirereshmate the intenzity and dur a tion of bur Emohonal Teachon future nega hve eveni . Rational Behavior Vs. Rahthaliring behavior . need to maintain our self-esteem assualed w/ Tofinglizing instead oflational thovih - Process information Soil fiif / pre existing bilis Jonef ond Kohler (1954) Compared people kho were for and agging fegregation Decisione, Deciribne, Deaneng * Every time make a decision, cx pentnie dischance - Chefen alternativt har negative aspects * Ytjcued alle native has come positive os petit * Poldecision disstnanie dus Inant ajoused after making a drtube, pically Itduued by changing the dihaliive ness of the chosen Qerna ve and dngluating the rejected ameihatico seducing it duti liirt and dults downicy Permantnte ind mm yalan mie im potom i de costume - mare dissonante oldeligion greater Permanence : Mair diss unonce Yrima omanttif den*Ion balling: thategy Rntic * ke ghing the flunun (TYCYoca bilib ing: Strategy Rhire by a (dler person in dy of a ut fomer ho agree to purcha(e la very low co t, laims li was an euror, then I get lht pnir Decifion to behave immorally ) ' moral diltmmal - Imphranunt hy self-esteem dissonante tedurmion - yel ple may behave clther mors ethically bir In the future LODE . Cheghino in girl thit ally Dvostnance and the brain dissonant informahin - learning count of brain fhuidonna . dissonante 15 Veduted - (murun circuits arhiated . Justifying your cfhort peopic may imici pret ambiguihed in a post hii nay then it helps pd jush fy effort - jufhfilohin detil : tendenw her individuals tint They liking fu imething thry bale korked hard to attain JC - effort jush ficahon (Aranfon and mille, 1959) Psychology of insufhaent jushfication extanal justicdnon velit vinq if it Im portant net 10 caule yaih ho people you like ex. lying to a friend - a vearm/explanahon fu dissur Wat 'def oat id: The Individu inant perfonal behaviit.

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