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UIC - CHEM 101 - Class Notes - Week 9

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Schools > University of Illinois at Chicago > Chemistry > CHEM 101 > UIC - CHEM 101 - Class Notes - Week 9

UIC - CHEM 101 - Class Notes - Week 9

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background image Chemistry 101­Week 9 Notes  Chapter 6.1: Chemical Properties and Changes Concept review:  Chemical vs physical properties  Difference between ionic and molecular compounds  Recognize polyatomic ions  assign oxidation numbers  review drawing Lewis structures  Review ionic compounds  Name to formula  Predict formula from elements  Assemble formulas from ions  Know: Nitrate, acetate, carbonate, sulfate (at minimum)  Verbs that suggest chemical property/reaction:  Reacts with, forms, gives, results in, does not react, produce  Chemical equations:  Reactants  Products  Reactants: what we mix together  Products: the result of mixing the reactants  Chemical equations communicate many pieces of information What are the reactants/products What are the states of matter  Solid (s)  Liquid (l) Gas (g) Aqueous (aq) – dissolved in water  What proportions are reactants used and products formed?  Conservation of mass  Translating:  Being able to read a problem and pick out the products and reactants See lecture 22 worksheet for examples   Picturing chemical reactions Be able to draw the Lewis structure for the reactants and products  Chapter 6.2: Synthesis Reactions & Decomposition Reactions  Types of reactions:  o Synthesis  Two elements of compounds combine to form a compound  o Decomposition A single reactant is broken down into two other substances  Predicts products of synthesis and decomposition reactions  o Synthesis 

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School: University of Illinois at Chicago
Department: Chemistry
Course: Introductory Chemistry
Professor: Rita Hatfield
Term: Fall 2016
Name: Chemistry 101
Description: Chapter 6.1-6.2
Uploaded: 03/19/2018
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